Acquisitions Budget FY13

Acquisitions Budget FY13

Our state funded acquisitions budget for FY13 is $1,777,292. The Libraries are permanently reallocating an additional $40,000 annually from Foundation funds and revenues (books sales and fines) in an effort to reduce the impact of the cuts. That makes our total acquisitions budget $1,817,292.

Projected FY13 Base Budget
State Funds $1,777,292
Foundation Funds $25,000
Revenue Funds $15,000
Total Budget $1,817,292

Prior to reducing subscriptions, our projected expenditures were $1,911,010, taking into account a 6.5% increase for inflation and accommodations for new commitments. This would have resulted in a budget deficit of $93,718.

Projected FY13 Budget Commitments (prior to reductions)
Ongoing Subscriptions $1,754,000  
Estimated FY13 inflation costs (6.5%) $114,010  
Alliance eBook Program $26,000 As agreed by Alliance Council
Additional JSTOR Databases $17,000 Per successful STF proposal 
Total Expenditures $1,911,010  
Projected FY13 Budget Shortfall ($93,718)  

A total of $128,000 in subscriptions were canceled. The primary consideration was for titles where the cost exceeded $100.00 per use. In addition, the library worked with purchasing on an RFP that resulted in a contract with a new subscription agent that saved $20,000 in annual fees.

FY13 Subscription Reductions (enacted)
Citation/abstract-only databases $12,000 Low priority re: faculty survey
Print-only subscriptions $26,000 Cost-per-use over $100.00 
Standing orders $36,000 Cost-per-use over $100.00
Single-title electronic subscriptions $54,000 Cost-per-use over $100.00
Change to new subscription agent $20,000  
Journal Packages: retain all $0 Cost-per-use range: $3.06 - $6.18
Total Reductions $148,000  

A combination of subscription reductions, one-time carry forward funds, and one-time special funding from the Provost is allowing the library to more than double its book and other one-time purchases over what could be offered in FY12. In addition, the judicious use of the interlibrary loan budget allows the library to provide access to far more materials than can be acquired through the acquisition budget.

FY13 Acquisitions Budget
FY13 Book Budget    
  Savings (Reductions - Budget Shortfall) $54,282  
  Carry Forward $75,000 One-time monies
  Local eBook purchases $30,000 One-time funding from Provost
  Alliance eBook initiative $26,000
Total Book Budget $185,282  
Total Subscription Budget $1,737,000  
Total FY13 Acquisitions Budget $1,922,282 Base budget + one-time funding
Interlibrary Loan Budget $85,000 Fees and charges as needed
Total FY13 Resource Access Budget $2,007,282  
For more information on the Acquisitions Budget, please contact:
Rick Osen 
Interim Dean of Libraries
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Collection Development Librarian
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