FY14 Library Resource Access Funding Strategy

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FY14 Library Resource Access Funding Strategy

Our state funded acquisitions budget for FY14 is $1,777,292. The Libraries are permanently reallocating an additional $50,000 annually from Foundation funds and revenues (books sales and fines) in an effort to reduce the impact of the cuts. That makes our total acquisitions budget $1,988,292.

Projected FY14 Budget
State Funds - "library acquisitions" $1,777,292
State Funds - "interlibrary loan" $123,000
State Funds - "copyright for course readings" $38,000
Foundation Funds $35,000
Revenue Funds $15,000
Total Base Budget $1,988,292

Prior to reducing subscriptions, our projected expenditures were $2,057,420, taking into account a 6% increase for inflation and accommodations for new commitments. This would have resulted in a budget deficit of $69,128.

Projected FY14 Budget Commitments (prior to reductions)
Ongoing Subscriptions $1,757,000  
Estimated FY14 inflation costs (6%) $105,420  
Alliance eBook Program $34,000 As agreed by Orbis Cascade Alliance Council
Access fees and charges $123,000 i.e. document delivery, interlibrary loan, etc.
Copyright clearance for course readings $38,000 Course readings
Total Commitments $2,057,420  
Projected FY14 Budget Shortfall ($69,128) Recurring expenditures 
Single-title subscription reductions  $29,150  Cost-per-use over $100
Actual FY14 Budget Shortfall ($39,978) Recurring expenditures

A total of $29,150 in subscriptions were canceled. The primary consideration was for titles where the cost exceeded $100.00 per use.

FY14 Projected Expenditures
FY14 Base Budget    
Ongoing subscriptions $1,827,292  
Access fees and charges $123,000
Copyright clearance $38,000
Total Base Budget $1,988,292
One time funding     
Ongoing subscriptions $5,978 One-time funding from FY2013 Carry Forward Expenditure Plan 
One-time purchases [e.g., print books & media] $100,000 One-time funding from FY2013 Carry Forward Expenditure Plan 
EBL Alliance e-book initiative [access 15,000 titles] $34,000 Pre-paid one-time funding
Total One-time funding $139,978  
Total FY14 Resource Access Expenditures $2,128,270 Base budget + one-time funding
Note:  Funding strategy leaves a reserve of approximately $30,000 in the FY2013 Carry Forward Plan to apply to FY2015.
For more information on the Acquisitions Budget, please contact:
Mark Greenberg
Dean of Libraries
(360) 650-3051 
 e-mail: mark.greenberg@wwu.edu
Andy Peterson
Associate Dean of Libraries
(360) 650-3894
e-mail: andrea.peterson@wwu.edu