Resource Access Budget FY14 Overview

Resource Access Budget FY14 Overview

The Western Libraries aims to support your research and curricular needs through its resource access budget.  For the 2013-14 academic year, Western Libraries is supplementing its base budget for resource access with a combination of one-time funding, Foundation funds, and self-sustaining funds. 

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Ordering books will be the same as last year; simply login to your Illiad account, go to the form for requesting a book, and let us know that the item is to be purchased. In addition, library liaisons will utilize a segment of the budget to order materials that fill in gaps in our collection and address emerging needs that need better representation within our collections.  Due to the tightness of the budget, purchases will be geared toward current curriculum and research needs.  

The FY14 Resource Access Budget shows a variety of means for providing the materials needed for curriculum and research:

FY14 Resource Access Budget

Books & other one-time purchases  $134,000
Subscriptions  $1,833,270
Interlibrary loan/document delivery $123,000
Course readings {copyright & purchases} $38,000
Total FY14 Resource Access Budget    $2,128,270
  • A total of $136,000 in one-time funding is being used to balance the resource access budget for this year.
  • Subscription expenditures represent a 6% increase over subscription costs for the same journals last year.  We can expect a similar inflationary cost increase for FY15.
  • Course readings are being directly integrated with Canvas.

Budget realities and ongoing changes in the business of academic publishing require that the Western Libraries continuously review its acquisitions budget in order to make the most effective use of its limited funding. To that end, the Western Libraries employ data driven decision-making in its commitment to providing the access to resources that you need.

For more information on the Acquisitions Budget, please contact:
Mark Greenberg
Dean of Libraries
(360) 650-3051 
Andy Peterson
Associate Dean of Libraries
(360) 650-3894

Comments and Feedback

We encourage comments from faculty, staff, and students on the Acquisitions Budget. Please send feedback to your college’s Senate Library Committee representative. Comments can also be sent directly to the Director of Scholarly Resources and Collection Services, Mike Olson.

Senate Library Committee representatives

College of Business & Economics Mark Springer
College of Humanities & Social Sciences Joyce Hammond
College of Fine and Performing Arts  
College of Science and Engineering Tilman Glimm
Fairhaven College Hilary Schwandt
Huxley College Brooke Love
Woodring College Marilyn Chu
Western Libraries Elizabeth Joffrion