Welcome to LIT!

Graphic of connected learnersLIT is your guide to research at Western and beyond. You will learn to save time, find the best sources for your needs, appropriately use and cite sources, keep track of your research, and get more help when you're stuck.


LIT is made up of six lessons, which are each made up of smaller sections or mini-lessons. Along the way, you will try out your new research skills using live information systems - like academic databases and Western Libraries' OneSearch.


Each lesson is followed by a quiz in Canvas that will allow you to check your knowledge. Some classes at Western will even give you points for these quizzes.




LIT is made up of six main lessons. Click any image below to start a lesson.

Getting Started

Launch Get Started LessonStart off your research project on the right foot. This lesson will give you the tools to know how to understand your assignment, plan out your research, and get started.


Launch OneSearch LessonLearn to find great sources for any research project. Search for books, articles and more from Western, our regional partner libraries, and beyond.

Library Databases

Launch Databases LessonLearn to get high-quality, scholarly articles from discipline-specific databases and the journals they search.


Using Western Libraries

Launch Using Western Libraries LessonLearn to get the most out of Western Libraries and the Learning Commons.

Using Sources

Launch Using Sources LessonLearn to critically evaluate your sources and use them with purpose in your writing.



Launch Citations LessonLearn why academic intergrity is important, how to responsibly share your work and use the work of others, and how to make citations.