Moving Project Starts Mon. Nov.18th

Beginning the week of November 18, 2013, Western Libraries will be moving the microform collections (Wilson 2 West) and the general reference collection (Wilson 2 East). These collections will remain intact, but will be switching places on the main library floor plate so that we can utilize existing space more effectively. This activity is being scheduled to minimize impact on users with the most disruptive work taking place over the winter break.

Western Libraries has been working diligently to explore how we can create more “people-friendly” spaces for teaching and learning by effectively utilizing our existing space at a minimal cost. In doing so we discovered that relocation of the Reference Collection from Wilson 2 East into the north half of Wilson 2 West and the relocation of the microform collection from Wilson 2 West to Wilson 2 East can accomplish a number of much-needed improvements:

  • The Wilson 2 East stacks which currently hold the Reference Collection have the narrowest aisles in the library complex and do not meet ADA accessibility requirements. Moving the Reference Collection to the north half of Wilson 2 West will create wider ADA-accessible aisle sizes.
  • Alternating full-height with counter-height shelving in the new location will allow easier access to these materials. The size and use of the Reference Collection is better suited to sharing space with TLA and other types of programs and presentations that take place on 2 West, and its relocation will also have the benefit of being positioned closer to the Research Consultation Desk. The full-height stacks will serve as a noise buffer for the student study spaces along the north windows.
  • Moving the microform collections and equipment to Wilson 2 East will provide a better defined and more conducive area for their use. While the video collection will remain on 2-East, the rest of the shelving will be dis-assembled to provide plenty of room for the entire microform collection and the equipment for its use.

While we are excited about the benefits to our library patrons that will ultimately result from this rather complicated flip-flop, we also understand that the process itself will have its noise and disruptions. We will do our best to minimize this by scheduling the most disruptive tasks to take place during winter intersession with the goal of completing all work prior to the start of Winter Quarter. However, some initial work will begin on Monday November 18, 2013, which is when the microfiche collection will be temporarily moved to the north end of Wilson 2 West in order to make way for the reference collection shelving installation during the week of November 25-27. The reference collection will then be relocated by the end of Fall Quarter, with the microform collection moving to 2 East over the break. For questions about this project, please contact Frank Haulgren at or (360) 650-7641.