Study Crunch? Find YOUR space

Whether you want comfortable, easy going places to relax between classes, collaborative spaces to work on group projects, computers to research & write papers, or, if you prefer a quiet study space…the Library offers spaces to fit your every need or mood.


Need Quiet Study? 

Wilson 5 West is designated a Quiet Study Area,
or visit the "Harry Potter Room" on 4 Central
for a quiet, traditional library experience.




Or, if you prefer private study spaces..



 Or prefer more active & collaborative spaces...




Need a computer?   


  Group Projects? Reserve a group study room
  & practice presentations, or use the Plasma screens
  with inte
 ractive whiteboards to collaborate on
  projects...  you can even save your work to your laptop!



 or, if you just want a space to chill  between classes,  or take a break from studying...





find your space @ the library.


We offer places to fit your need
or your mood…