Joseph E. Trimble Collection

Joseph E. Trimble Collection

Western Collection:  Trimble, J. E. (Box)

 Biographical Note

 A teacher and scholar of psychology, specializing in cross-cultural psychology, Joseph E. Trimble was educated at Waynesburg College (BA), the University of New Hampshire (MA), and the University of Oklahoma (PhD 1969). His dissertation was entitled Psychosocial Characteristics of Employed and Unemployed Western Oklahoma Male American Indians. Appointed to the faculty of the department of Psychology at Western Washington University in 1978, Dr. Trimble has also served since 1992 as director of the University's Office of Institutional Assessment, Research, and Testing. His major research interests include the mental health and substance abuse issues of American Indians and Alaska Natives, and, in the broader area of cross-cultural studies, the multifaceted social, cultural, and legal dimensions of racial and ethnic identity.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of books and photocopies of articles and book chapters authored by Dr. Trimble in his major research areas from 1975 to date.

Notes on Arrangement

The books in the Joseph E. Trimble Collection are shelved under "Trimble" in the Western Collection stacks area, sub-arranged by title. Additional copies of individual book titles may also be available in the Libraries' circulating collection; search the library catalog by author or title for more information.

Other material in the collection is organized into folders. Items are ordered chronologically by date of publication, sub-arranged alphabetically by title when items share a common publication date. The arrangement is by Special Collections.


The collection is the gift of Joseph E. Trimble to Special Collections for the Western Collection.

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Towards an Inclusive Psychology: Infusing the Introductory Psychology Textbook with Diversity Content, by Joseph E. Trimble, Michael R. Stevenson, and Judith P. Worell. Washington, D. C.: American Psychological Association, 2004.


Folder List


Folder 1. List of publications


Folder 2. Works: 1975-1983

Trimble, Joseph E.  "'In Sacred Manner They Are Sending Voices:' Partial Results of a Survey of the Self-Image of the American Indian." Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology. Eds. J. W. Berry and W. J. Lonner. Amsterdam: Swets & Zeitlinger, 1975. 149-153.

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Folder 3. Works: 1984-1989

Trimble, Joseph E., et al.  "American Indian Concepts of Mental Health: Reflections and Directions." Mental Health Services: the Cross-Cultural Context. Eds. P. B. Pedersen, N. Sartorius, A. J. Marsella. Beverly Hills: Sage Publications, 1984. 199-220.

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Folder 4. Works: 1990-2000

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Folder 5. Works: 2001-2003

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Folder 6. Works: 2004/05-

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