This Dell Windows 8 Device Sucks Less Everyday

Microsoft Windows Tablet

Initial Random issues (some have been solved by now):
No instruction book was provided
Windows needed to be authorized and couldn’t figure out how or if I should? Chad did it.
The keyboard often blocks the boxes you are typing into. This is often true for Chat and passwords.
The screen rotation was messing up – had to turn off the screen rotation button
The keyboard intermittently did not visually register key strokes. This was a setting that Chad turned off.
Two operating systems do not interact well and simply confuse things.

Tablet named Refdesk1
Paul is the first account I sent up. There is no password.
There is also an open account that anyone can use. Chad has his own account and domained or is that dominated) the tablet.
Don’t seem to be able to download apps without having a Microsoft account HASSLE!!!!
Had to do this (what a hassle) from my laptop because passwords on the keypad are a PAIN! This took way longer than it needed to (largely at home Friday evening – yes, I have no life) and I ended up with yet another account I didn’t want.

Chad reinstalled Microsoft Office – apparently something went wrong during the download, so we’re good to go with that.
And he figured out how to launch a different keyboard that can “float” and be sized. So we should be good on that too.
One nice thing is that this tablet beeps when a Chat comes in, unlike the Ipads (so I hear).

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