Keyboard on Dell Windows Tablet

There are actually 2 keyboards on this device. One is the default keyboard that pops up when you need to do a search, enter a password, or otherwise click in a search box. Oddly this keyboard did not popup when I opened Notepad in order to jot some notes. This keyboard is large and takes up the bottom half of the screen or so. In the Desktop mode (I'll explain that later) the default keyboard can be moved around the screen, but in the non-desktop mode the keyboard cannot be moved, and in the case of Chat, blocks the chat window. The only way to see what you're typing is to keep closing the keyboard.
***If for no other reason alone, this would eliminate, for me, this device from Reference use, unless there was an external keyboard (preferably wireless)

The other keyboard is available by pulling up the "All apps" button from the bottom right corner (drag up on the bottom of the screen). One of the apps is a keyboard app. This keyboard is nice for several reasons: it contains letters, numbers and symbols all on one keypad; and you can drag it to various locations in the window. However, this keypad is not as large as the default keypad and is more difficult to type on.

However, there may be more to discover here. Ongoing.

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