A Month with the Nexus

I've had the Nexus for just under a month.

After a month, the Nexus' strong point is still very simple: Mobility. It's strong point is still being able to grab it and work with a student while I am at the consult desk in the Leanring Commons or use it with a student during an appointment. While I know others are experimenting with chat and have used it to cover virtual reference services while in meetings or when called away, I haven't found the Nexus to be useful for that. As mentioned in previous posts, it's mainly due to the size of the screen

So how have I been using it with students? I've been using it just like I would a laptop. Earlier this week a student met with me to talk about some advanced marketing research. She brought in her laptop, I grabbed the Nexus and we sat at a table in the Wilson 2W area. it was easier to talk and easier to work than sitting in my office. 

With the Nexus, I was able to search the article databases to show examples and she was able to apply what I explained as she searched on her laptop. It is a simple use and it is, as far as I am concerned, the tablets best use. 

I take it with me to the Research Consult Desk and I use it from time to time, but not as much as I used to. I have used it to help others when there were multiple people waiting for help. 

I still take it to meetings, but that is beginning to lose its lustre--again, mainly becuase of the screen. It is just a teeny bit smaller than my iPad and I find it frustrating. Also, the wireless is more of an issue in meeting rooms and offices than it is in the open study areas (although sometimes wireless connectivity in the Learning Commons area can be spotty). 

Do I like it? Yes. After a month does it still appeal to me as a tool to use when working with students? Absolutely. Would the Nexus be my first choice? No. 

I think one thing that we need to remember with tablets is that they aren't computers or laptops and not even netbooks. Considering how much we do online, they are very useful, but we don't do everything online so there are still some limitations. 


  • Mobility (this is a really big one)
  • Outlook (still)


  • The dimensions. The screen is too long/narrow. 
  • Keyboard. This is partly due to the fact that I am used to the iPad keyboard, but it is also tied to screen dimensions because the navigation tools are part of the screen.
  • Lack of apps. I have to admit, I haven't spent a lot of time looking for apps. Most of what I use are links I bookmarked to the homescreen. But looking through the Google Play store, I still didn't see much that interested me. 
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