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TLA Activity: February 13/14, 2013

Using image theatre, round 3 of winter quarter, TLA participants spent time exploring the different kinds of actions needed to transform a negative community into a positive community, characterized by the kinds of features that emerged from the 2nd round of TLA.

Activity Instructions: Image theatres are still images used to create an understanding of one or more concepts based on a specific setting or situation. Participants were asked to create three scenes (images) based on one of the seven TLA words that describe community.

Image 1: This is the problem image; it portrays the opposite result (negative) of the assigned word.

Image 2: This is the solution image, it examplifies the word that was assigned based on a positive community.

Image 3: Within this image, participants exemplified how a group (community) moves from a problem image to a solution image.


Negative Positive Transition
Comforting Negative Comforting Positive Comforting Transition


Negative Positive Transition
Inclusive Negative Inclusive Positive Inclusive Transition


Negative Positive Transition
Accepting Negative Group 1 Accepting Positive Group 1 Accepting Transition Group 1
Accepting Negative Group 2 Accepting Positive Group 2 Accepting Transition Group 2


Negative Positive Transition
Trust Negative Trust Positive Trust Transition


Negative Positive Transition
Diversity Negative Group 1 Diversity Positive Group 1 Diversity Transition Group 1
Diversity Negative Group 2 Diversity Positive Group 2 Diversity Transition Group 2


Negative Positive Transition
Bond Negative Group 1 Bond Positive Group 1 Bond Transition Group 1
Bond Negative Group 2 Bond Positive Group 2 Bond Transition Group 2


Negative Positive Transition
Willingness Negative Group 1 Willingness Positive Group 1 Willingness Transition Group 1
Willingness Negative Group 2 Willingness Positive Group 2 Willingness Transition Group 2

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