Articles in your Inbox RAPIDly!

Articles in your Inbox - RAPIDly!
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Interlibrary Loan at Western Libraries

Can’t find that research article you need?  Submit a request for your article, and we'll get it for you quickly, often in less than a day!  Western Libraries uses many methods to obtain your needed research, including RapidILL.


RapidILL is an article-focused consortium that provides near 24/7 delivery. Last year, approximately 87 percent of article requests were filled through RapidILL, and those articles were typically delivered to the patron’s ILLiad account within thirteen hours of being requested. This is possible because RapidILL is an automated system. If your request has a complete citation, it is immediately sent out to lending libraries as soon as you click the submit button, even at night when there’s nobody in the ILL office!

Western Libraries joined RapidILL in January 2013, and we’ve been really excited about how quickly it helps us get articles delivered to you. To take advantage of this amazing service and to get those requests filled even faster, here are a couple of tips to help us better serve you:


Create an ILLiad account using your Universal login information. You will use this account to submit your requests.


Make sure your request has a complete citation, including the journal’s ISSN. The ISSN is the International Standard Serial Number unique to the journal you are requesting from. A complete citation greatly increases the likelihood that your request can be filled by RapidILL. An incomplete citation means a staff member has to review your request before it can be sent out to other libraries, and it might also mean that the lending library can’t find the article you need.


Remember, our RapidILL service supplies articles and book chapters only.  Books and other loanable materials will take longer, as will articles that are harder to find.  To ensure you are able to obtain the materials you need for your research, plan ahead and get your requests in early!


If you have any questions about any of Western Libraries interlibrary loan or documents delivery services, please email

Published on: 02/12/2016 - 9:41am