What's New in Western CEDAR?

What's New in Western CEDAR?
Jenny Oleen and Kim Marsicek
Western CEDAR Management Team

It’s always exciting when new titles are available for Western Libraries users, and now something old is new again! Back issues of the Klipsun Magazine, Western Washington University’s independent student publication, are now available in Western CEDAR (http://cedar.wwu.edu/klipsun_magazine/).


Over 150 issues have been scanned and uploaded into CEDAR beginning with the first issue from Fall Quarter 1967. CEDAR staff are busy working every day to add more issues untill we catch up to the most current publication.


Klipsun Magazine has recently become a digital-first quarterly publication with new featured stories focused on interests and issues affecting the lives of people in the Pacific Northwest. Each edition offers us a glimpse into what captured students’ attention at that particular point in time.


click on thumbnail to view edition in Western CEDAR


For example, check out the January 1984 article “Conscientious Dissent” to learn more about how American military involvement in El Salvador mattered to local activists in the 1980s: (http://cedar.wwu.edu/klipsun_magazine/74/). Or, learn more about Whatcom County’s relationship with our neighbors to the north in the 1970s, check out the November 1977 issue, which is all about Canada: (http://cedar.wwu.edu/klipsun_magazine/39/).


Just as exciting, Western CEDAR content is now easily found through OneSearch. This means searching for Klipsun in OneSearch not only delivers results for the print edition of both Klipsun Magazine and the Klipsun Yearbook, you now have the option of reading the different magazine issues online at the point of discovery.


Until recently you had to conduct a separate search outside of OneSearch to find any items in Western CEDAR. Now any search you perform will lead you directly to CEDAR content, if available, including items from:


  • Western faculty research
  • Western Masters Theses collection  
  • Articles in the Journal of Educational Controversy
  • Presentations from the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference 
  • Reports from the Institute of Watershed Studies 
  • And much more!


If you have any questions about Western CEDAR or would like to learn more about getting your own research published in CEDAR, please contact Jenny Oleen (Jenny.Oleen@wwu.edu)  or Kim Marsicek (kim.marsicek@wwu.edu ).

Published on: 02/12/2016 - 10:05am