Awards & Fellowships at Western Libraries

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Awards & Fellowships at Western Libraries

Western Libraries offers awards and fellowships to students, staff and faculty with the following purpose(s):

  • To support our student colleagues in their research endeavors.
  • To support research endeavors that use our regional, archival and special collections.

The Awards:

  • Undergraduate Research Award: The Research Award is an annual award given to Western Washington University undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding library research in the writing of papers for courses taught across the colleges.
  • James W. Scott Fellowship: The James W. Scott Regional Research Fellowships promote awareness and innovative use of archival collections at Western Washington University, and seek to forward scholarly understandings of the Pacific Northwest. Fellowship funds are awarded in honor of the late Dr. James W. Scott, a founder and first Director of the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, and a noted scholar of the Pacific Northwest region. Up to $1000 funding is offered to support significant research using archival holdings at WWU’s Center for Pacific Northwest Studies (CPNWS), a unit of Western Libraries Heritage Resources.