Teaching & Learning Services and Support FAQs

About COVID-19

Teaching & Learning Services and Support FAQs

This page contains information about how to find and access the services and resources available to support the teaching and learning needs of Western students, faculty, and staff.

FAQs For Students:

Can I still get help from the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio?

What options are available for online support from the Tutoring Center?

How can I get support for my Math or Science GUR course?

How can I find quality primary sources in support of my class assignments?

Who do I contact if I don’t know who to contact?

FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Can you help me set up or develop my Canvas class?

Can I stream videos in my online class and can the Libraries convert DVDs to streaming videos?

How can I receive support for primary source teaching, learning, and research?

What options and practices should I consider when making library materials available online?