Past Art Exhibits at Western Libraries

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Photography work of Seattle and San Francisco.   My name is Andrew La, I am from South Seattle (Skyway). Currently I am a Junior, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy attending college here at Western. I want to show where I'm from and what I value. LA gallery is at Gallery... more
Display by: Andrew La
Display Date: 3/18/2016
Cocoon Sculpture Installation, a rendering of plastic bags as a sculpture, as something arresting to stop and view, subverts the idea that these bags are merely trash; it is a statement about sustainability through reuse of an object but more importantly it is a statement of beauty. View now in the... more
Display by: Michaela Snow
Display Date: 5/11/2011
This year's student led community based show features work from Ferndale High School students. The work was submitted by the following eight students: Angela Stringfield, Eli Owen, Galina Shulga, Brad Vario, Samantha Johnson, Jennifer Nestle, Alyssa Peterson, and Maleenia Huntley. They all worked... more
Display by: Ferndale High School Artists
Display Date: 5/07/2012
These are a few works in a series of paintings that began with two pieces entitled, "Gun," and "Lipstick," designed and transferred onto McDonalds wrappers on wood. James Mey calls his work, "Controlled Frustration." The world is always in the present. My work has become more controlled. My work... more
Display by: James Mey
Display Date: 5/22/2012
I enjoy drawing and painting patterns. I don't know if I would call myself an "Artist", but I have a creative side that people seem to enjoy seeing the products of.
Display by: Drea Gramps
Display Date: 4/04/2013
“Drip, Flick, Splatter” The Western Washington University's Child Development Center takes art to a new level. Elaine Elkin's class of two to three year olds has recently studied the works of Jackson Pollock. Inspired by a book titled, “Action Jackson,” Elaine's students created their piece. By... more
Display by: Tarin Nicholas
Display Date: 6/05/2012
It’s that time of year again! The temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming and the air is smelling a little bit sweeter. Earth Day is right around the corner and rather than celebrating one day, Western Washington University is making a whole week out of it! University Dining Services is... more
Display by: Lindsey Juen
Display Date: 4/16/2012
This exhibit explores snapshots of an individual: the hand, foot, shoulder, back and a partial view of the face.  Drawn in black and white charcoal on colored paper, the colors are muted.  The interest lies more in the forms themselves. The intent behind this set of drawings is to examine.  Examine... more
Display by: Emma Nestvold
Display Date: 1/21/2015
A noted photographer, Berenice Abbott, from the mid-20th century once said “Photography helps people to see.” This has been the motto I have tried to live by in the pictures I have taken over the years. I spent most of my adult life working in radio and over the years produced many... more
Display by: Robin Sizemore
Display Date: 9/30/2016
The Forest in the Trees Jon-Erik Jardine Trees surround us, but rarely do we spend time truly amongst them. The density of forest and the high production of biomass within our local area is one of the defining aspects of this place we call home. These forests are a... more
Display by: Jon-Erik Jardine
Display Date: 12/12/2012