Past Art Exhibits at Western Libraries

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1975 – Quit Smoking…Took up Cross Stitch…Voila! Connie Mallison The Marlboro Man collage is one of a series of Marlboro Man collages I did while living in Montana. Rumors that the Marlboro man in the ad was gay and the fact that cigarettes gave one cancer made the faux tough-guy, outdoorsy cowboy... more
Display by: WWU Art Comittee
Display Date: 8/16/2012
The exhibit will display my most recent yellow room paintings, making it seem like one happy yellow apartment. There are many puppies, cozy and happy, sometimes sleepy, sometimes playing spin the bottle. They're good puppies though, not inappropriate. They're all trying so hard everyday... more
Display by: Alisa Scott
Display Date: 12/25/2016
This photography based work will consist of one piece that is lager in scale, spanning about 5x5. I will be creating a house that is composed of different segments of homes found in Bellingham. This single large image will consist of about 10-20 images. The final piece will be framed and that frame... more
Display by: Madison Jedlick
Display Date: 12/25/2016
Community artist Melissa Terszakowec has on exhibit 3 paintings which focus on “negative” spaces and “positive” forms. The task she set herself with each of these works was to create a singular entity, not just a subject with a background, and through this balance offer a scene of serenity. Her... more
Display by: Melissa Terszakowec
Display Date: 2/13/2012
This art piece is a result of a fundraising event for Western's Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. It is a 5x5 chalk board with various of Western's artists "making their mark" and completely covering the canvas! This is a way to unify the students (with or without artistic ability) on campus and... more
Display by: Alpha Kappa Psi
Display Date: 5/05/2014
Created by Danny Soloff, a Fairhaven student interested in the systems theory of ecology, Mandala of Oneness  is a collaborative art project inspired for the Western Oneness! Event. This exhibit is a gathering to celebrate community and unity. It’s message is to “genuinely express our identities... more
Display by: Danny Soloff, Fairhaven student
Display Date: 5/31/2011
A multi-dimensional display to celebrate 5 years the Map Collection being in Wilson Library.
Display by: WWU Libraries Map Collection
Display Date: 9/30/2016
A display to show the various materials available in the Map Collection. The Map Collection is located in WL 170-come see more amazing maps!
Display by: Map Collection Employees Adam Zerby and Jordan Stello
Display Date: 1/14/2015
This will be an exhibit with a mix of illustration and calligraphy. The illustrations are in a variety of media: pen and ink, marker, scratchboard. The calligraphy is a mix of ink and gouache. The content of the illustrations ranges from natural forms to social commentary. The social commentary... more
Display by: Rod Burton
Display Date: 12/24/2015
Lauren McClanahan took these 26 photos during the past summer while she traveled with the delegation establishing formal relations between Bellingham and her new sister city of Tetserleg, Mongolia. They document the lives and surroundings of nomadic culture in the area. All proceeds from this show... more
Display by: Lauren McClanahan
Display Date: 11/15/2011