Past Art Exhibits at Western Libraries

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I spent a couple of weeks in the slums of Kolkata India during a bicycle ride around the world. I wandered the streets, taking photos of the people, places and practices that create the unique ebb and flow of life in that city. I wrote a book about my trip and propose including excerpts from the... more
Display by: Darby Roach
Display Date: 4/05/2017
This exhibit will host a collection of work from the students of Jan Lor. For over 20 years, Lor has been teaching a multi-media art course for developmentally challenged adults.
Display by: Students of Jan Lor
Display Date: 6/06/2014
Making countless mistakes over the years has improved my vision in capturing timeless moments. I gave it my all, trying to perfect picture quality of a city in my amazement of skyline/cityscape photography from city to city. As a boy from South Seattle (Skyway), where it is known for its bad... more
Display by: Andrew La
Display Date: 12/25/2016
This Campus School exhibit displays a number of historic photos taken between 1929-1967 that show children and their teachers involved in various activities.  Also included is information about the Campus School’s directors and teachers and its educational philosophy.  Used for training classroom... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 5/09/2013
The Anatomy of Gray   Artist Statement:   “In this body of work, I explore the correlations between the human figure and the Pacific Northwest landscape.  My intentions are to explore my own ‘sense of place’ and the associations between the body and the forces of nature.  In this way, I navigate... more
Display by: Melissa Hand
Display Date: 6/17/2015
The Giving Tree Consisting of three panels, this work was inspired by the different challenges that I work to overcome in my life. Although the panels break up the painting, the tree and branches continue on over the gaps. The symbolism of the tree is also an important factor. Trees seem to have... more
Display by: Emma Nestvold
Display Date: 1/16/2013
All of the art pieces represent becoming one's self. Understanding you're own body and structure, growing a metaphysical garden, dissolving into your environment. These are all water colors and pen. Kathryn Jasperson
Display by: Kathryn Jasperson
Display Date: 9/30/2016
       The suburbs are remarkable because they connect to my upbringing as well as the start of our society’s development into its state of hyperreality. My acrylic paintings reference the suburbs of Southern California and the Pacific Northwest as a way to discuss our society’s progression into... more
Display by: Kendra Story
Display Date: 3/04/2015
The Way I Saw It For the last few years I have been creating art centered on the notion of the viewer versus the work of art, and the relationship that is formed when they meet. I like to believe that every piece of art embodies the fingerprint of its creator, a shadow of their emotion, their... more
Display by: Debbi Kenote
Display Date: 10/22/2012
This exhibit showcases the fiction and nonfiction writing of freshmen in Viking Launch, Western’s early fall start program. These students have selected images they have discovered within public archives and then responded to them through prose. They have then combined their writing with the image... more
Display Date: 10/11/2011