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"Hello, Dear Enemy!"
  Hello, Dear Enemy!     Picture Books for Peace and Humanity. An exhibit on loan from the     International Youth Library (Munich, Germany)     The complete exhibit is on display on the 4th floor of Wilson     Library. Exhibit... more
Display by: Western Libraries, Woodring College of Education, WWU English Department
Display Date: 1/22/2019
Take a look at the time capsule that was buried in front of Old Main 100 years ago. Though the condition is rather poor, there are a few glimpses at the capsule's contents. "Memory Walk has been a commencement tradition since 1912. Each year, a stone representing the graduating class is laid in... more
Display by: Dan Boxberger & Tamara Belts
Display Date: 5/30/2012
3 Degrees of Caring
Western’s RN-to-BSN Program is a degree completion program for Nursing professionals who either have their RN licensure or those who are in their final year of a pre-licensure program.
Display by: WWU Nursing
Display Date: 1/18/2019
3D printing is one of the most talked about technologies today.  Far from being simply a high tech form of crafting, 3D printing is actively changing the way society thinks about and approaches manufacturing.  This display highlights projects created by Western Washington University's... more
Display by: AJ Barse & Nora Burmeister
Display Date: 9/26/2016
50 Years Since Stonewall
The June 1969 Stonewall riots, memory, and terrains of LGBTQ+ liberation The Stonewall riots marked one of the most galvanizing periods in the fight for sexual and gender liberation and the six days of protest against transphobia, homophobia, and police repression offered powerful stories,... more
Display by: LGBTQ+ Western
Display Date: 6/08/2019
? Authority
Sorting reality from fiction, the real from the fake, is a survival skill that enables each of us to look behind the mask of unearned authority. Discovering the answer to a question often involves asking even more questions—but sometimes it’s hard to know how to begin, what to ask,... more
Display by: WWU Libraries
Display Date: 9/19/2018
? Authority
We want to help you find your answers. (And, if your answers happen to lead to even more questions, that can be a good thing!) When librarians and staff work with students in the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio, in Special Collections, at the Archives Building, in a classroom, in a workshop... more
Display by: Stephanie Morgan, Amy Sedovic, Clarissa Mansfield
Display Date: 1/20/2018
Postcard photographs by Harvey Finkle. "Reading is so commonplace an activity that recording ifts occurrence might seem pointless - but caught by the intuitive eye of photographer Harvey Finkle, it is anything but." (Readers: a Book of Postcards, c1996)
Display by: Pattie Moon
Display Date: 3/01/2012
Special Collections, Heritage Resources will be hosting a special presentation on Tuesday, July 8th, from 1 – 3 pm. Alumni Bill Kindler (1965, Chemistry) will be talking about his love and passion for wild places and wild trout and the pilgrimage he made to fish for the original Golden Trout (... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 6/27/2014
This case features needlecraft by Lesley Lowery (Cataloging), baskets by Pattie Moon (Acquisitions), books of poetry by Allen Frost (Interlibrary Loan) and Paul Piper (Librarian), a collection of "Dungeons & Dragons" books from Michael Lorenzen (Associate Dean), and a collection of photos and... more
Display by: Pattie Moon & Lesley Lowery
Display Date: 8/15/2012