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Past Special Collections Exhibits at Western Libraries

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The "Art" of Fly Fishing
In addition to classic and fine fly fishing literature, Paul and Mary Ann Ford, also value associated art pieces. This case features a piece of driftwood turned artwork, by Bill Marts, a master international salt water fishing guide and fly tier -- and clearly wood craftsman (note the handcrafted... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 7/26/2017
The Helene Whitson Collection
Featured here are recent donations by Nancy Johnson to The Helene Whitson Collection. Nancy Johnson joined the WWU English department faculty in 1980 and specializes in children's literature. She is a well respected teacher and advocate for children's literature and coordinates Western's annual... more
Display by: Alex Wenrick
Display Date: 12/16/2010
The L. H. White Collection
This display features varied photographs of pioneer life in Washington State. Also included is an invitation card for attendance at the execution of Alfred Hamilton, convicted of killing an attorney in Anacortes.   The collection was the gift of Virginia White Mercer, in memory of her father L. P.... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 3/03/2011
The Milt Krieger Collection
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 7/24/2014
The Western Collection
The Western Collection is testimony to the creative and intellectual talent of the Western community. Featured here are books, games, and wood bowls -- all created by members of the Western Community.
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 11/14/2011
Treasures from Lory Watkins - Part One
Lory Watkins was a passionate fly-fisherman, and that passion extended to a love for the literature and all that might encompass. Lory collected both trade and fine print editions. Most are signed, and often include flies tied by the author and photographs he took of the authors at book... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 10/24/2017
Treasures from Lory Watkins - Part Two
This case features still more of the treasures donated by the estate of Lory Watkins in June 2016. Several Northwest favorites are included here: D. B. Homel, Bob Arnold, Roderick Haig-Brown (British Columbia), David James Duncan (Montana) and Steve Raymond. 
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 10/24/2017
Western Libraries Reading Series
Special Collections will be hosting the Western Libraries Reading Series on May 17th. This quarters speaker is Sandra Alfers, professor of German and the founding director of the Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity at Western. Alfers... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 5/10/2017
Western Reads
Established in the fall of 2004, it is a campus wide reading program intended to encourage shared reading, stimulating conversation, and helping to integrate new students and faculty into the academic community. The display features many past selections, and this years book, Tulalip: from my... more
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 10/24/2017
Winter Reading
Too cold to fish? Want to warm up by the fire? Here's some good reads for those cold winter days and nights. All from our Fly Fishing Collection.
Display by: Tamara Belts
Display Date: 4/15/2013