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Technology & Discovery Services

Technology & Discovery Services (TDS) at Western Libraries is responsible for the user-experience in the online discovery of resources. The unit manages, maintains, and improves the online environment, with primary responsibility for the website, resource discovery tool, and intranet. In order to make data-driven decisions, the unit gathers, analyzes, and reports on databases/software analytics and usability.

Systems Management: Manages the library's primary interfaces, such as the catalog, website, intranet, and other virtual spaces.

Partnerships with Colleagues & Patrons: Leads in the creation and/or maintenance of user-friendly discovery tools through deliberate partnerships with the Usability & Design Working Group, the OneSearch Management Team, and other library-based units.

Usability: Gathers, analyzes, and reports on database/software analytics and usability data in order to make data-driven decisions about virtual spaces that will enhance user experiences. Partners with the Usability & Design Working Group to incorporate usability data into existing discovery tools to ensure a valuable and positive user experience. 

Curriculum Support: Develops customized virtual services to support Western Washington University's curriculum.

Examples of our prior work include (But are not limited to)...


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