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LibQUAL+ Summit - Building the Future of the Library: A Dialogue

On February 22, 2011, more than 50 invited university faculty, administrators and students gathered to talk about the Western Libraries. This was our first attempt at a LibQUAL+ Summit planned by the library as an opportunity to hear directly from stake-holders. The participants, grouped at seven tables, were asked to consider as an over-arching theme suggested by the survey data which was that students and faculty appear to have differing perceptions of service and expectations from the library.

Each dialogue group had a designated facilitator and note taker. Three primary questions were posed. Two of these were directly related to the survey dimensions, Information Control and Library as Place. The third question asked participants to consider the three specific survey questions that had the most significant adequacy gap for faculty, graduate students and undergraduates.

At the events conclusion parting comments made by many students and faculty to library staff in attendance indicated that the opportunity to participate in these conversations was greatly appreciated.

The summary document below provides insight into what our participants discussed.

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