Wish Tying, Special Collections selection for April

Wish Tying, Special Collections selection for April

April, 2011
Seiko Atsuta Purdue
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Bellingham, Wash. : S. A. Purdue, c2005
Special Collections -- The Western Collection and Wilson Library 4 West
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Purdue, S. A.

Wish TyingSpecial Collections Book of the Month for April is Wish Tying by Seiko Atsuta Purdue, a Western faculty member in the Department of Art. 

The book describes the artist's "Wish Project," begun in 1996, involving the creation of installations featuring wishes submitted by people from across the U. S. and Japan in the form of "wish ties"--wishes written on small pieces of paper which are then tied into knots.

The book is a set of photographs of installations and individual wishes on pieces of paper that make the wish ties.  The idea for wish tying was inspired by the Japanese tradition of "omikuji," fortunes written on slips of paper at shrines and temples in Japan. 

The photographs of the installations show different places and different types of installations.  The photographs of the written wishes reveal much about human nature, they are often very intimate and powerful.

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~Peter Smith