Atlas designed to illustrate Burritt's Geography of the Heavens

Atlas designed to illustrate Burritt's Geography of the Heavens

February, 2012
Mattison, Hiram
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Philadelphia : Sheldon, 1856
Special Collections -- Rare Book Collection -- Extra Oversize
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G1000 .M3 1856

Orion the hunterThe constellation Orion which is in the night sky in February, a detail from an engraving that is a map of the heavens.  The entire map is 17" high and 14" wide, one of 10 pages that have become brown and fragile with age (158 years old). 

The atlas is meant to accompany the book, "Geography of the Heavens," by Elijah H. Burritt.  Burritt was a school teacher who wrote the book and created the atlas for instruction.  Western Libraries does not own a copy of the book, but there are copies of the original book available in Google Books that have been scanned from library collections. 


GalileoA detail from the front cover, "Galileo demonstrating his system."   Inside are maps and plates of the constellations, the relative magnitude of the planets, the inclination of the orbits of the planets, and illustrations of clusters, nebulae, and comets. 

For more information about about Burritt and the Geography of the Heavens read the article in Sky & Telescope magazine, available in Western Libraries Haggard Hall 3rd floor (QB1 .S536). 

Kidwell, Peggy Aldrich.  Elijah Burritt and the 'Geography of the Heavens.' Sky & Telescope, 69.1 (1985): 26-28

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