The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen

The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen

January, 2011
Frank Forester
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New York: G. E. Woodward, 1856
Special Collections -- Children's Collection
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SK35.5.F67 1956

DogGift of Walter and Jean Walkinshaw

This work, “prepared for the instruction and use of the youth of America,” was one of the many written under the pseudonym “Frank Forester” by the prolific 19th century author Henry William Herbert. In addition to sports writing, Herbert published novels (famously described by Edgar Allan Poe as “woefully turgid”), historical studies, poetry and numerous translations from the French, most notably the novels of Alexandre Dumas.

His fame chiefly rests, however, on his articles and books about sports, in particular hunting and fishing. These pursuits he saw as antidotes to his era’s “over earnestness in the pursuit of gain … and over frivolity in the pursuit of pleasure.” Selecting the right hunting rifle and the right dog to go with it, mastering the varieties and habits of game and the precepts of all manner of sports fishing—these were the appropriate components of “moderate doses of field sports," to be systematically taken pro re nata, he wrote, for the good of individual and society alike.

A contentious, egotistical, quarrelsome man, famed for his dissipations, Herbert shot himself through the heart in New York in 1858 following a failed banquet to which he had invited his supposed literary friends; only one attended.

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