The Fly-Fisher's Craft: the Art and History

The Fly-Fisher's Craft: the Art and History

July, 2010
Darrel Martin
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Guildford, Conn.: The Lyons Press, 2006
Special Collections - Fly Fishing Collection
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SH451.M385 2006

Fly Fisher's CraftFly fishing is more than a sport and this book, The Fly-Fisher's Craft: the Art and History, by Darrel Martin, is testimony to the passion it can ignite and the incredible quest it can lead on on.

In this book Mr. Martin traces the roots of fly fishing back to second century Rome and the observations of Claudius Aelianus (Aelian), while acknowledging that its roots go back even further. He follows the development of fly design and tying methods through its practitioners, showing the depth of his research, continuing with chapters on the hook, the line, and the rod. But the fascinating thing about his work is that it's not just a history, he recreates everything! And details how you might as well.

This book is wonderfully illustrated with both antique and contemporary images and is a great resource for anyone looking for historical detail regarding the evolution of tackle. But it goes beyond that, it's not just facts, it is beautifully and passionately written, and even the non-fisher can be excited by the depth of the sport as showcased in this work. It is not a book to be read all at once, but one to be savored over time.

Special Collections copy includes a "special hand-tipped broadside of Charles Bowlker's 'Hackle Fly' on Rives BFK French paper printed by Springtide Press of Tacoma, Washington," excerpted from Bowlker's The Art of Angling, 1829 ed., and is signed by Darrel Martin on broadside and title page.

Tamara Belts
Special Collections Manager