Special Collections Book of the Month: My Impossible Dream

Special Collections Book of the Month: My Impossible Dream

March, 2011
Chuck Randall as told to Barbara Kindness
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Bothell, WA: Book Publishers Network, 2008
Special Collections - The Western Collection
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Randall, C.

My Impossible DreamMarch madness is upon us. Currently the WWU Vikings are working their way through the post-season conference title competition, hoping to host the women's regional championships and more. With that in mind what a great time to read, My Impossible Dream, by WWU Men's Coach of the Century (1900-1999), Chuck Randall. Officially a coach for 35 years, he has never really quit, still watching the practice sessions and regularly attending the games.

The book chronicles his life from birth in Farmington, Washington, his education, including military service, and his arrival at Western as coach in 1962. The desire to coach was born early and guided his career. He arrived at Western as coach in 1962 to coach basketball (1962-1981) and baseball (1963-1966). During his coaching career he twice took his baseball teams to nationals, and had 15 winning basketball seasons. Fascinatingly enough, and something many on our campus may not realize, Coach Randall was actually the inventor of the now famous Slam-Dunk Rim! The book tells the sad story of his invention, but also his loss, as others managed to secure the patent and the ensuing profits.

Slam-Dunk Rim!Perhaps the most important come away though is to recognize the "impact one person has on the lives of many." The book includes many testimonies by former friends and players, and he himself gives testimony to his family and especially his wife Doris.

Tamara Belts
Special Collections Manager.

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