Rivers Of The Heart: A Fly-Fishing Memoir

Rivers Of The Heart: A Fly-Fishing Memoir

October, 2010
Raymond, Steve; illustrated by August C. Kristoferson
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New York: The Lyons Press, 1998
Special Collections - Fly Fishing Collection
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SH456 R393 1998

As fall settles in it’s a great time to take your fly-fishing indoors and curl up in a chair with a great read. One of my favorites is Steve Raymond’s, Rivers of the Heart: a Fly-Fishing Memoir; illustrated by August C. Kristoferson. A contemplative book, Mr. Raymond shares those things that matter most: the people, places, and things vital to his sport and to him.

In the book you will meet up with well-known local fly fishing legends, as well as visiting Russian opera singers. You will travel to treasured fishing spots from Christmas Island (Kiritimati) to the River Dee (Scotland) and points in between. You will encounter things -- the hardware (rods) and software (flies) of fly-fishing. And you will even learn that there are exceptions to every rule – that the worst day of fishing is not always better than the best day of work!

Steve Raymond was born in Bellingham to parents who fished and introduced him early to the sport. A graduate of the University of Washington he went on to a long career as a journalist for the Seattle Times. He has successfully combined his writing skills with his passion for fly-fishing to produce many well respected books. He has won many awards including the Roderick Haig-Brown Award. In addition he has served on several boards, including the Western Libraries Special Collections Fly Fishing Advisory Board.

Tamara Belts
Special Collections Manager