New Materials in the Collection

by Jahani, Shiva, editor.; Rasoolimanesh, S. Mostafa, editor.; Okumus, Fevzi, editor.

Publication Date: 2022


Rapid growth in the tourism and hospitality industry highlights the importance of applied and pure research to address the theoretical and practical problems and gaps facing the industry daily, from a multitude of perspectives - the economic, social, cultural, environmental, political, and technological. Advanced Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism reviews traditional research methods, revising them to suit the contemporary problems and research agendas.

cover of Advanced research methods in hospitality and tourism

by Abram, David R., author, photographer.; Roberts, Alice, 1973- writer of foreword.

Publication Date: 2022


This breathtaking collection of aerial images reveals ancient monuments from all around the British Isles, as they have never been seen before: Neolithic enclosures, cairns and stone circles; Bronze Age villages, farmsteads, tombs and burial mounds; and Iron Age hillforts, all photographed in spectacular bird's-eye-view detail. Photographs taken directly above the sites, often at dawn, allow uniquely informative views, showing not only how ancient monuments fit into the surrounding landscape, but also how they define or respond to the area's natural character.

cover of Aerial atlas of ancient Britain

by Fischer, David Hackett, 1935- author.

Publication Date: 2022


A brilliant synthesis of African and African-American history that shows how slavery differed in different regions of the country, and how the Africans and their descendants influenced the culture, commerce, and laws of the early United States--

cover of African founders : how enslaved people expanded American ideals

by Taiwo, Olufemi, 1956- author.; International African Institute, issuing body.

Publication Date: 2022


Decolonisation has lost its way. Originally a struggle to escape the West’s direct political and economic control, it has become a catch-all idea, often for performing ‘morality’ or ‘authenticity’; it suffocates African thought and denies African agency. Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò fiercely rejects the indiscriminate application of ‘decolonisation’ to everything from literature, language and philosophy to sociology, psychology and medicine. He argues that the decolonisation industry, obsessed with cataloguing wrongs, is seriously harming scholarship on and in Africa.

cover of Against decolonisation : taking African agency seriously

by Kleist, Reinhard, 1970- author, illustrator.; Hahnenberger, Ivanka, translator.

Publication Date: 2016


The image of Samia Yusuf Omar running for last place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics will forever be imprinted in the minds of all who saw it: The lean Somalian, wearing knee-length leggings and a baggy T-shirt, came in seconds behind her competitors. What the cheering crowd couldn't know then was what it took to get there. An Olympic Dream follows Omar's second attempt to represent her country at the Olympics, this time in London.

cover of An Olympic dream : the story of Samia Yusuf Omar

by Peers, C. J.

Publication Date: 1990

cover of Ancient Chinese armies 1500-200 BC

by Ivanov, S. V. author of introduction, compiler. (Sergeĭ Vasilʹevich),; Стукалов, В. А., photographer.; Stukalov, V. A., photographer.

Publication Date: 1975

cover of Ancient masks of Siberian peoples = Maski narodov Sibiri

by Bjerck, Hein Bjartmann, author.

Publication Date: 2022


Archaeology at Home takes a deep dive into the entanglements between humans and their things, exploring the notion that things themselves remember when left by their people and illustrating how the integration of humans and things things involves connections running all the way from the present into deep time. The author presents three case studies of homes all intimately known to him - the home of his father after his abrupt passing, the home of his uncle that was lost in a fire, and a Stone Age home he excavated many years ago.

cover of Archaeology at home : notes on things, life and time

by Shelton, Jo-Ann, author.; Ripat, Pauline, 1973- author.

Publication Date: 2023


As the Romans Did offers a rich, revealing look at everyday Roman life. It provides clear, lively translations of a fascinating array of documents drawn from Latin and Greek source material--from personal letters, farming manuals, medical texts, and recipes to poetry, graffiti, and tombstone inscriptions. Each selection has been translated into readable, contemporary English.

cover of As the Romans did : a sourcebook in Roman social history

by Lee, Julia H., editor.; Lee, Josephine, 1960- editor.

Publication Date: 2021


The years between 1850 and 1930 witnessed the first largescale migration of peoples from East Asia and South Asia to North America and the emergence of the US as an imperial power in the Pacific. This period also produced the first instances of Asian North American writing, theater, and film. This exciting collection examines how the many literary and cultural works from this period approached questions of migration, exclusion, and identity.

cover of Asian American literature in transition, 1850-1930

by Tau, Tina, 1953- author.

Publication Date: 2022


An adventure story in two realms, a conversation between the visible and invisible worlds; in this eloquent memoir, Tina Tau reveals the life-saving intelligence of her dreams. As a young woman she tries to outrun her pain by moving every year, often thousands of miles at a time. But by paying attention to her dreams, she is finally able to slow down, heal, and begin to shine. Her story is a guide to the daily practice of saying yes to your own life's innate wisdom.

cover of Ask for horses : memoir of a dream-guided life

by Astin, Alexander W.

Publication Date: 1993


Examines why assessment activity has produced meager results and how existing activities can be improved. Astin's ideas include how assessment information can be used most effectively for evaluation; and how results can be used to enlighten and inform the practitioner.--Google Books viewed May 19, 2021.

cover of Assessment for excellence : the philosophy and practice of assessment and evaluation in higher education