Collaborative Study Spaces

Some of the library's collaborative study spaces are highlighted below. Collaborative spaces are available primarily on the  2nd floors of Haggard and Wilson, which are connected by the Mann Family Skybridge. Spaces get quieter as you move into the upper floors of the buildings.  Explore the virtual tour to find more details and additional spaces.

Students studying in the Studio

Hacherl Research & Writing Studio

Students can drop in and work independently in the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio at any time, or you can get support for research, reading, and writing across all subjects and disciplines. The Studio is both a service and a space, and the space is open for use whether you use the service or not. The Studio occupies most of the 2nd floor of Haggard, along with the Student Technology Center and Circulation Services. 

Chairs grouped by floor to ceiling windows in the skybridge

Mann Family Skybridge

In addition to connecting the Wilson and Haggard sides of the library, the Mann Family Skybridge is also a popular collaborative area, with lots of natural light and large windows, comfortable furniture, and some stand-up computers and printing stations. 

chairs and tables next to windows in the map collection

Map Collection

The Map Collection is on the second floor of Wilson on the East side, and has spaces for both collaborative or individual study available for student use during all hours the library is open.

Tables and chairs inside Zoe's

Zoe's Bookside Bagels

Near the entrance to Wilson, Zoe's Bookside Bagels is where you can purchase  coffee or other beverages, or bagels and other snacks. It's also a great place to meet up with others, or take a break on your own. Zoe's is a popular spot and often busy and sometimes a little noisy. There are  a variety of seating options to choose from, including booths with tables, soft chairs, or small table and chair sets. There's also a book-swap section on the shelves along the wall, with books for you to browse, take, and use.

Booths, tables and chairs

Wilson Central

The central areas on the 2nd floor of Wilson near the outside of Zoe's and the Tutoring Center are available for collaborative work, with a variety of different kinds of furniture, including booths with tables, and tables with moveable chairs.

Comfy chairs and coffee table with booshelves in background

The Daylight Lounge

The Daylight Lounge is on the 2nd floor of Wilson just past the Mann Family Skybridge and just before the Map Collection. The Daylight Lounge offers a combination of both individual and collaborative study spaces in an open, light-filled area. 

Tables in chairs, low ceiling, windows in the distance

Wilson 270

Wilson 270 is the big open room that can be accessed by using the hallway entrance around the corner from Zoe's, or via the entrance down the hall from The Corner, past the main elevator. This space is great for collaborative work and contains moveable furniture and portable whiteboards.