Gouache, Collage and Thread

1975 – Quit Smoking…Took up Cross Stitch…Voila! Connie Mallison

The Marlboro Man collage is one of a series of Marlboro Man collages I did while living in Montana. Rumors that the Marlboro man in the ad was gay and the fact that cigarettes gave one cancer made the faux tough-guy, outdoorsy cowboy ads all the more ridiculous. Paul Piper

This art work shows my father, as “Rapper Jack”, performing in a night club. I wrote the words to the sea chanty (The Ballad of JHP) which he is rapping, and the figures in the “Whales Tale” club are characters from the chanty text. Curiously enough, they look a lot like him!
This work celebrates the power of words and the power of rhythm and the power of healing.
It is made with paper, gouache, black pen and a great deal of glue.
Leslie Hall

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