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Welcome to this issue of 3 Things which adds up to a bit of a technology issue. As access to digital content managed by Western Libraries continues to grow we bring you stories about a new streamed video package as well as tips on how to use the thousands of EBL ebooks in our catalog. Best thing is you don’t have to shell out even a penny for a dedicated ebook reader! And, read about using the HathiTrust in your work and research.

  Something New!

Boxing Cats & More!

Streaming Video Comes to Western Libraries

By Julie Fitzgerald, Acquisitions & Serials Manager

Julie Fitzgerald

This summer, working with our Orbis Cascade Alliance partners, Western Libraries added Academic Video Online (AVO).

This Alexander Street Press package provides streamed access to nearly 20,000 videos in 20 disciplines.

Alexander Street Video logo

Disciplines include: art, architecture, business, counseling and therapy, dance, economics, education, ethnic studies, ethnography, gay and lesbian studies, health, history, humanities, law and public safety, literature, opera, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, science, theatre, and women’s studies.

And, there is also a treasure trove of video worth viewing, well, just because you can! No assignment required.


From Professor Welton’s thirty-one second, 1894 Edison Company classic, "Boxing Cats," to recent release documentaries AVO’s got it. Check-out "Dizzy Gillespie At Ronnie Scott's," or "Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Rock Club," which tells the story of the famed NYC music club from its beginnings in a former Chinese food warehouse and includes concert footage of Dave Matthews, Bob Weir, Phish and others.

To find AVO go to the library catalog record and click on "Online access" or select it from the libraries A-Z database list. Additionally, a growing number of the videos can be found in the library catalog when searched by title, author, subject or keyword. 

Once you have reached the AVO main page, films can be searched by title, author, subject, or by full-text across all of the disciplines or limited to those most appropriate to your research needs. Or just browse!

EXTRAS: Many of the films within AVO will allow you to track the screen image with print transcripts or to create online clips. Some even come with downloadable, supplemental study guides.

Alexander Street Press has created two easy to use video tutorials. VAST: Academic Video Online demonstrates the basic interface search features and introduces you to the creation of video clips and playlists which can be emailed, shared with groups or embedded into Blackboard or electronic coursepacks.

Creating Clips and Playlists provides further detail as well as instructions on sharing streaming content from sources such as Youtube.

For help locating and using streaming video contact the Information and Research Help Desk on Haggard 2, at 360-650-3094, or via the Ask Us! Answer Service.

  This Issue's Great Tip

Menus & Recipes of the Baron Brisse & More! 

HathiTrust: Just a Click Away

By Paul Piper, Coordinator of Reference Services

Paul Piper

Imagine that collections of materials held by sixty major research libraries across North America, with some European and Asian counterparts, were available for research and/or teaching with the click of a mouse. They are!

The HathiTrust (pronounced hah-tee, and named after the Indian word for elephant, a mammal renowned for its memory) offers you that opportunity.


HathiTrust’s overall collection of 10,524,402 total volumes, 5,546,641 book titles, and 273,854 serial titles are available for viewing by anyone, and 31% are copyright-free PDFs.

One of the coolest features of HathiTrust is that any non-member user (WWU is not a member) can set up unique collections, in subjects as diverse as Human Sexuality, Folklore, Papyrology and Apiology. These collections could be used for course reserves or as a unique research library.  

The collection’s most prominent subjects are Language and Literature, followed by History, Sociology and Business & Economics. The primary language of the collection is English with 48%, followed by German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and others. The majority of materials are from the Twentieth Century, but nearly 2% of all materials are pre-1700s.

HathiTrust was formed in October, 2008 by thirteen university libraries to advance the progress made by the Google Book Project. Hathi Trust statisticsLibrarians from these libraries knew Google didn’t have the same core goals as libraries do, namely preservation and free access to the published scholarly record, and they also recognized that no one library or library consortium was capable of achieving these goals.

So they drafted a plan flexible enough to involve major libraries and consortia worldwide. And in four short years the original thirteen participants have grown to a collaboration of over sixty consortia and libraries from three countries.

Utilizing digitized books from the Google Book project, the Internet Archive, Microsoft Live Search Books, as well as those of local individual libraries and consortia, HathiTrust coordinates technical platforms and findability for easy use.

The net result for you is that this collection, the largest digital archive on the Internet, can be searched and manipulated in any number of ways (including a full-text search). Visit the HathiTrust, roll up your sleeves, and have fun.

  Did You Know?

Oh, I Got Those, I Ain’t Got No eBook Reader, Blues

By Frank Haulgren, ILL & Collection Services Manager

Ebook exampleFrank Haulgren

Ebooks are catching on like crazy. The Western Libraries is adding new ebook titles at a remarkable pace in large part through participation in the Orbis-Cascade Alliances’ EBL Ebook program. 

For Western users like you there is one important thing to remember. You DO NOT need to own a dedicated ebook reader to use them. Here are a couple of easy ways to use library ebooks. 

EBL Read Online: This is the easiest. Locate the book in the library catalog. Click the Connect to This Title Online link, login, click the big blue Read Online button and go.

Reading online allows you to use the features of the EBL interface. You can attach notes which remain associated with your login so they’re there next time, or you can export them in a variety of formats. Click the Details tab to for printing and copy limitations. Use the read aloud feature or word search the complete volume. 

Download to Your Laptop, Tablet, PC:  This is a little more complicated but gives you the flexibility to take the book where ever you go. Ideally you’ll want to download it to a laptop or tablet but you can also use a desktop computer.  

First, download the right ebook management app.  Use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) if you are using a Windows machine, or Bluefire Reader for the Apple and Android operating systems. Both are free.

Start by following all of the steps above to read online. Then click the Download tab in EBL and set the loan length to 7 days. Choose the appropriate format and download to your desktop. Last, open ADE or Bluefire and import the book. An unlimited number of users can do the same thing at the same time! At the end of your loan period the book will no longer be accessible. 

So that’s it. Don’t sing the blues. You don’t need a Nook, Kindle, or what have you to use our always available, always on the shelf, ebooks.  But if you must, go ahead and plug that reader into your computer or tablet and to load the book adding even more reading flexibility.  

More information at: Quick Guide for Ebook Use at Western Library.


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