Darrel Martin: Fly Fishing Historian

Mr. Martin is an avid fly fisher and historian of the sport. His own graduate studies in Anglo-Saxon, Middle English and English linguistics were excellent preparatory study for what became an interest in antique angling books, and from there to the study and re-creation of the equipment described in those books. He is an innovator who has designed several fly tying tools, hooks, and fishing clothing. Well traveled, he has fished many well known waters and met famous anglers and fly tyers. 

Featured here are five of the nine book length works authored by him: Imitations (1980), Fly-Tying Methods (1987) winner of the United Fly Tyers' Book of the Year Award, Micropatterns (1994), The Fly Fisher's Illustrated Dictionary (2000), and The Fly Fisher's Craft (2006). 

Special Collections is proud to be hosting Mr. Martin on Wednesday, July 10th, for two presentations, the first at 2 pm when he will present "The Antique Angler," and again at 7 pm when he will speak on "The River Itchen." All are welcome! 

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