Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund -- New Books!

The Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund provides for the ongoing purchases of materials The Fly Fishing Collection in areas of particular interest to Jack, including bamboo rod building, aquatic entomology, fly tying, fly-making materials, and angling history, particularly the British roots. Featured here are two of the most recent additions.

Leaves from a Steelheader's Diary by John Alevras is a delightful read. Whether you are a fly fisher, a steelheader, or just one who enjoys the contemplative life, this is for you! Each chapter is a short meditative reflection on some aspect of his pursuit of steelhead, yet, the lessons learned will transfer to the daily life of anyone. Additionally it's great inspiration for anyone who keeps a daily journal and may sometimes wonder why. For him, his provides "an opportunity to renew and relive the youthful spirit that took" him "to the wild rivers of the Northwest."

Gentlemen preferred dry flies, by William C. Black, is another work dealing with the ageless debate of dry versus wet flies, and more. You will meet the many who led the way: Walton, Cotton, Halford, and Skues; as well as Theodore Gordon, Edward Hewitt, Preston Jennings, Vincent Marinaro, all the way up to Lee Wulff. This is a great read for anyone interested in angling history.

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