Display Case Exhibits Request Form

Application for the Western Libraries Display Case Exhibits.

Please describe the purpose and nature of the exhibit

<ul> </ul><p><strong>Responsibility</strong>:</p><ul><li>Exhibit cases do lock; however, <strong>the Libraries are not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of materials in any exhibit.</strong>&nbsp;</li><li>The exhibitor is responsible for collecting materials promptly at the end of the exhibit period. </li><li>Exhibitors may supply brochures, flyers or other hand-outs with the exhibit; however, the exhibitor is responsible for maintenance of these materials. </li><li>The Libraries will not act as an agent for sale of any materials used in an exhibit. Purchase prices will not be displayed. Transactions for any items which are for sale will not be conducted in the Libraries. </li><li>The Libraries may, at its discretion, photograph exhibits for reproduction in the Libraries publications or web pages.&nbsp;</li></ul>