Policy and Criteria for Exhibits

Policy and Criteria for Exhibits



The Western Libraries provides exhibit space to Western Washington University organizations as part of its service to the academic community. Exhibits in the Libraries are created to fulfill two goals.

  • To direct attention to the materials, services, and aims of the Libraries.
  • To reflect the aims and goals of WWU organizations.

The Library Bill of Rights states in Article I that, "Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation." Article II states, "Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval." Article VI also states that exhibit space should be made available "on an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use." The Western Libraries therefore have developed the following criteria for the use of exhibit spaces in the Libraries. The Libraries reserve the right to refuse to allow any specific exhibit to be placed in the Libraries or to remain on display if it violates the Western Libraries' Policy on Exhibits.




Application and Scheduling:

  • The Libraries are the sole authorities for use of exhibit spaces. Contact the Exhibits Coordinator through the Library Administration Office (650-3050) for information, an exhibit application, and scheduling.
  • Exhibit spaces available in the Libraries are reserved first for the Libraries' use.
  • The Libraries reserves the right to reschedule any proposed exhibit if it conflicts with the Libraries' need for the exhibit space.



  • Exhibit space is available to any WWU organization and may be reserved for one to two months. Groups should make requests for exhibit space at least one month before the date on which they wish to begin a exhibit. Requests are granted subject to space availability.
  • Reservations may not be made more than one year before the date of the proposed exhibit.
  • No group is guaranteed an exhibit date or space based on regular or yearly use of an exhibit.
  • Exhibit space may usually be reserved only once per calendar year by a WWU organization.
  • Non-Library sponsored exhibits must include the name of the sponsoring organization as part of the exhibit.
  • As a measure to increase traffic to the displays, the Display Team has implemented the “Magnificent Miss Wilson’s Library Hide and Seek!” program. The Display Team will be taking a 3x4 inch cameo portrait of Miss Mabel Zoe Wilson and hiding it in one of the displays every month. If a student finds the portrait, comes to the Circulation Desk, and tells a staff member which case it was in, they will get a reward! We are hoping that this fun program will help increase the traffic to the displays, while also instilling some Western Washington University Library pride into our students! This program is optional, and can be opted out of on the application; if you really don’t want the head hidden in your display, just click no, and we will use one of the other 7 displays for that month.


Supplies and Library Materials:

  • Exhibitors may make use of library materials in exhibits. All library materials used must be checked out to the exhibitor in accordance with circulation policies. If the exhibitor is not a WWU faculty or staff member, then the materials will be checked out to a supervising faculty or staff member or member of the Display Team. Arrangements for use of short-term loan and non-circulating materials must be made with the Library Department involved.
  • The Libraries have some supplies available. All items secured to the walls in the back of the exhibit cases must be fastened with thumbtacks, push pins or straight pins. Staples and glue may not be used. Materials exhibited on painted surfaces will be mounted with approved fasteners only.



  • Exhibit cases do lock; however, the Libraries are not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of materials in any exhibit. The exhibitor is responsible for collecting materials promptly at the end of the exhibit period.
  • Exhibitors may supply brochures, flyers or other hand-outs with the exhibit; however, the exhibitor is responsible for maintenance of these materials.
  • The Libraries will not act as an agent for sale of any materials used in an exhibit. Purchase prices will not be displayed. Transactions for any items which are for sale will not be conducted in the Libraries.
  • The Libraries may, at their discretion, photograph exhibits for reproduction in the Libraries' publications or web pages.