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Using Video & Streaming Video at Western

Information on finding and using video and streaming video at the Western Libraries

The Western Libraries supports the use of media in Western courses and for course-related assignments. Each option for using video and streaming video at Western listed below includes a description of resources available through the Libraries and a brief explanation of relevant copyright principles. This explanation should not be interpreted as legal advice. Instructors should decide which option is most appropriate based on their pedagogical needs. 

Non-Streaming Options

The Western Libraries offers these options for using physical media in Western courses:

Requesting Physical Media

Classroom Screening

Course Reserves


Streaming Media Options

The Western Libraries supports the curricular streaming needs of the university. However, the high cost of streaming videos, combined with budget constraints, necessitates limits on what the Libraries is able to provide. Criteria for acquiring streaming video are listed in the Request that the Library Acquire Streaming Rights section below; however, these guidelines may be adjusted from quarter to quarter based on funding. We ask that you carefully consider non-streaming and other streaming options--several of which are outlined below--prior to requesting that the Libraries acquire the rights to stream titles. The models discussed below could be used in tandem with each other.

Link to Streaming Content from the Western Libraries

Ask Students to Subscribe to a Commercial Streaming Service

Request that the Library Acquire Streaming Rights

Host Streaming Video Yourself

Request that Physical Media be Digitized


Guidelines for Using Video in Your Classes

There are a number of ways that Western faculty use film and video in their classes. Below are some observations on some of the most common ways. We are also happy to work with you to craft an approach that will fit your needs for a particular class. In general, it is best to contact us as far in advance as possible if you are thinking of using specific films in a class so that we can help find the best options for your course. Please contact the Media Librarian or the AVON may allow you to create customized clips for classroom use. While DVDs are not as convenient for this purpose, there are ways to create clips from them. We would be happy to help you explore your options.

Assigning students to watch films outside of class


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