Digital Collections

Digital Collections

20th Century Children's Authors20th Century Children's Authors

The Elizabeth Rider Montgomery Collection includes questionnaires and correspondence between Montgomery and over thirty award winning children's literature authors. The Collection is the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robin A. (Monty) Montgomery.

Children's Literature Interdisciplinary Collection

Special Collections
Associated Students of WWU Board MinutesAssociated Students of WWU Board Minutes

Searchable minutes of the governing board of the Associated Students of WWU, scanned from the official records.  This digital collection includes records from 1916-1925, with more to come.

University Archives & Records Center
Bellingham Centennial Curriculum ProjectBellingham Centennial Curriculum Project

Select resources for educators and students interested in Bellingham history, produced in conjunction with the City's centennial celebrations of 2003-2004. This site provides access to K-12 lesson frameworks and digitized primary sources regarding the towns that became Bellingham, early industries on Bellingham Bay, individuals who helped shape Bellingham history, and historic schools.

Biery (Galen) - Collected Photo AlbumsBiery (Galen) - Collected Photo Albums

Ten historic photograph albums digitized from the larger archival collection of local historian Galen Biery. Albums document a variety of people, businesses, buildings and landscapes, including the Gamwell family house (Bellingham), Bellingham Plywood Corporation, Pacific American Fisheries operations, B.W. Huntoon photos of Mt. Baker and the Mt. Baker Lodge, and scenic views of the Columbia River. Thousands of additional Biery and other historic images can be searched and accessed via the CPNWS Photo Database.

Board of Trustees MinutesBoard of Trustees Minutes

Meeting minutes from the Board's first meeting in 1895 through the end of 2012. Provides a continuous record of governance of Western Washington University since its inception. (Records from 1895-March 1920 are forthcoming).

University Archives & Records Center
Campus History CollectionCampus History Collection

A growing collection of Western Washington University images, from Western Libraries Special Collections Campus History Collection, located in the Wilson Library building.

Special Collections
Campus School Collection Campus School at WesternCampus School Collection Campus School at Western

From 1899, until closure in 1967, the Campus School at Western provided unique educational and life experiences for students and student-educators alike.

Special Collections
Cover of The Electric Railway Era in NW Washington, by Daniel Turbeville. Center for Pacific Northwest Studies Occasional Papers

The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies' Occasional Paper series was established by its founding Director, the late Dr. James W. Scott, as an interdisciplinary forum for presentation of interpretative studies on the past and present of the Pacific Northwest region. Some twenty four Occasional Papers (several now out of print) were produced in print form between 1972 and 1988. The series showcases significant scholarship in different areas of local and regional studies - much of it based upon research with archival collections now preserved by and available through the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies.

Center for Pacific Northwest Studies Photo DatabaseCenter for Pacific Northwest Studies Photo Database

Search and access descriptions of over 7000 historic photographs archived at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies. This database provides links to over 2500 digital images, including photographs from Galen Biery, Ferd Brady and Lage Wernstedt.

Charts and engravings of George Vancouver's ExpeditionsCharts and engravings of George Vancouver's Expeditions

Digitized charts and engravings depicting the voyages of Captain George Vancouver during the late-eighteenth century. Original Charts and Engravings of George Vancouver's Expeditions are housed at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies.

Commercial Fishing in Clam Gulch, AlaskaCommercial Fishing in Clam Gulch, Alaska

One soundless color film showing commercial fishing operations in Clam Gulch, Alaska, with use of set nets and a fish trap. Fish traps were outlawed in 1959 with Alaskan statehood. Digitized from original 16mm footage shot by Rubin R. Tikka.

Computer Science Graduate ResearchComputer Science Graduate Research

Papers written by graduate students in the Computer Science Department at Western Washington University.

Computer Science Department
Enberg (H. C.) PhotographsEngberg (H.C. ) Photographs

Images from Bellingham photographer and pharmacist H.C. Engberg, including striking scenes of Mt. Baker and surrounding area.

Fishtown CollectionFishtown Collection

This collection features select images from our nascent Fishtown Collection. Fishtown was an artist’s community on the North Fork of the Skagit River that existed from 1968 – 1988. Dwelling in fishermen’s shacks that were renovated into living quarters and studio space, Fishtown artists produced work that was highly influenced by Buddhist and Hindu aesthetics, the Northwest Mystic painters, and the Skagit itself. Their work was uniquely collaborative.

Special Collections
Fly Fishing Objects & Images CollectionFly Fishing Objects and images Collection

This collection features non-print treasures from the Fly Fishing Collection, including: rods, reels, flies, and more, showcasing the evolution of the sport, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Highlights include a Stimson & Lambuth dry fly fishing rod (#19), flies tied by George McLeod, Al Knudson, and Warren Erholm, and a creel (fish basket) made by the George Lawrence Company of Portland, Oregon. 

Special Collections
Fly Fishing Oral HistoriesFly Fishing Oral Histories

This collection comprises transcripts of interviews with fly fishers in the Pacific Northwest. Persons interviewed discuss fly-tying, favorite locations, and memorable experiences.

Special Collections
Wallie V. Funk image of the 1970 whale capture at Penn Cove on Whidbey Island, Washington.  Wallie V. Funk Papers and Photographs, CPNWS. Funk (Wallie V.) Photographs

Select images from the larger archival collection of Wallie V. Funk, photographer, journalist and former co-owner and editor of the Anacortes American, Whidbey News-Times and the South Whidbey Record. The digital selection includes images of U.S. politicians and presidents, the Penn Cove Whale Capture of 1970, the Mt. St. Helens eruption, and the Rolling Stones and the Beatles in concert. A complete guide to the Wallie V. Funk Photographs and Papers at CPNWS is available here.

Huxley College CollectionHuxley College Collection

Includes Environmental Sciences Theses, Geography Theses, Environmental Education Theses, Field Project Reports, Environmental Studies Theses, and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Huxley College of the Environment
Jessup (George P.) Photographs of the Lower Baker River Dam ConstructionJessup (George P.) Photographs of the Lower Baker River Dam Construction

This collection contains over 1400 photographic prints documenting the construction of the Lower Baker River Dam at Concrete, Washington. The photographs were taken by George P. Jessup, superintendent of the project. The images document almost daily the progress of the construction from August, 1924 and ending in December, 1925. They feature various views of the railroads, the river and rock walls around the dam, and the dam itself as well as some of the workers.


The Klipsun yearbook was published almost continuously between 1913 and 1970. The exception being the 1967/68 year when it was published as a quarterly magazine (Fall, Winter, Spring). The yearbooks chronicle each academic year through words and imagery, showcasing students, faculty, athletic, club and other special events. They provide an illustrated history of the campus, its students, faculty and administrators including the Training School (later the Campus Elementary School). The yearbooks were scanned from original print copies housed in Special Collections Heritage Resources Western Libraries. The scanning was outsourced thanks to the generous support of Bert Halprin (Class of 1971).

Special Collections
Anti-nuclear protestors march in downtown Bellingham. Still from "If The Bomb Survives, Can We?" Airdate June 1, 1962. KVOS Channel 12 Films, CPNWS. KVOS Channel 12 Films

A selection of digitized news reels showcasing the breadth and quality of local news reporting by Bellingham's KVOS-TV during the 1960s. Films include footage of Western's campus, student protests, interviews with civil rights leaders, educators, politicians, the 1962 Seattle World's Fair and the 1964 earthquake. Over seventy films KVOS Channel 12 Films are archived at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies - a guide to the entire collection is available here.

M. L. Stangroom PapersM. L. Stangroom Papers

Digitized content from the larger collection of M.L. Stangroom (1832-1913). Stangroom's career included work as a gold prospector, miner and railroad surveyor in California and the Sierra Nevadas, and as an engineer for the Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad. Digital content includes copies and transcripts of letters documenting Stangroom’s early career and experiences in California and the Sierra-Nevada region (circa 1855-1873), a hand-written reminiscence, and a fifteen-page report about the construction of the Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad.

A complete guide to the M.L. Stangroom papers is available here online.

Masters Thesis CollectionMasters Thesis Collection

Beginning in Fall 2009, the Graduate School and Western Libraries moved to a digital thesis model. Since Winter term, 2010 all Western Theses are filed electronically.

Graduate School
Mount Baker Club 1925 - 1931 ScrapbookMount Baker Club 1925-1931 scrapbook

Digital copy of a scrapbook compiled by the Mount Baker "Hiking" Club, with photographs dated 1925-1931. A guide to the larger collection of Mount Baker Club records archived at CPNWS is available here.

Banner graphic for the Northwest Passage newspaperNorthwest Passage (Newspaper)

The Northwest Passage (1969-1986) was an alternative newspaper published bi-weekly in Bellingham, Washington (1969-1977), and then in Seattle. Digitization of this resource is funded by a gift of Steven and Eileen Nelson/ Original issues of the Northwest Passage are housed at Special Collections, with a partial run at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies. Western Libraries Heritage Resources aims to contextualize its archival and special collections in a manner that is respectful to the individuals and communities who create, use, and are represented in the resources we manage. However, for a variety of reasons, users may encounter offensive or harmful content or language in our collections and/or our descriptive and teaching tools. Users are advised that this collection may include content that is offensive, harmful or triggering.

Special Collections

The PoetryCHaT Oral History Collection includes poets, illustrators, publishers, and scholars of poetry for children and teens. These oral histories are part of The Children & Teen Poetry Collection (PoetryCHaT) which includes rare and historic items, circulating materials, and curricular resources.

Special Collections
Raymond (Steve) Slides of Mount St. HelensRaymond (Steve) Slides of Mount St. Helens

A collection of 35mm slides taken by writer Steve Raymond, which document the aftermath of the volcanic eruption at Mount St. Helens, Washington, in 1980. The images were captured in May 1981 (one year following the eruption).

Selected Faculty PublicationsSelected Faculty Publications

Special Collections offers this collection of online Finding Aids to archival collections in its care.

Special Collections
Senour (Grant) PhotographsSenour (Grant) Photographs

Digitized images and photo albums documenting outdoor recreation and landscapes including in the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges (circa 1937-1954).

Special Collections Oral History ProgramSpecial Collections Oral History Program

Our goal is to enhance the resources of our Campus History Collection with the recorded memories and observations of those deeply familiar with aspects of Western's history, development,  culture, and contributions to the community. Participants include former faculty members, administrators, staff, and alumni, as well as individuals with special affiliations or connections with Western and attendees of the Campus School, a public school at Western from 1899 to 1967.

Special Collections
Special Collections PublicationsSpecial Collections Publications

Broadsheets, brochures, exhibit catalogs, and newsletters that supplement the varied collections held in Special Collections.

Special Collections
STEMGRO/GRWG WWU Graduate Research ConferenceSTEMGRO/GRWG WWU Graduate Research Conference

As of 1/26/21, this digital collection has been taken off-line for further assessment.

The first annual WWU Graduate Research Conference is the manifestation of the collaborative efforts between STEMGRO and Huxley Graduate Research Working Group (GRWG), and is the realization of STEMGRO's goal to broaden awareness of graduate research and provide an opportunity for graduate research presentation at WWU. This conference is generously sponsored by the Biology Department, WWU Graduate School, and Huxley College of the Environment.

Stories To Tell Oral History Project: A South Asian Perspective on COVID-19

Digitized content from a series of interviews conducted by Dr. Dharitri Bhattacharjee during July and August 2020, documenting the pandemic-related experiences and perspectives of individuals who identify as South Asian. Interviews were broadcast originally via the Western C.A.R.E.S. program, and are archived as part of a larger collection at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies.

Collection thumbnail graphic showing three human figures wearing medical masks and embracing a pink heart in unison.Telling Our Stories: Essential@Western During COVID-19

Profiles of Western Washington University employees who worked on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, with content contributed by the employees.

University Archives & Records Center
Collection thumbnail graphic showing human figures connected as nodes in a web.Telling Our Stories: Western's Response to COVID-19

Individual story contributions from people in the Western Washington University Community regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their work and lives. Includes contributions from staff, faculty, and students.

University Archives & Records Center
Collection thumbnail showing a design drawing for an automobile in both top and side profiles.Vehicle Research Institute Historical Records

Photographs, video, drawings, and other historical documents from Western Washington University's Vehicle Research Institute.

University Archives & Records Center
Wahl (Ralph E.) Digital Fly - Fishing ResourcesWahl (Ralph E.) Digital Fly-Fishing Resources

Select resources from the larger collection of Ralph E. Wahl Fly-Fishing Papers and Photographs housed and available at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies. This digital collection includes transcriptions of audio recordings and interviews with Roderick Haig-Brown, Steve Raymond, Lefty Kreh and Cam Sigler.

A detailed guide to the Ralph E. Wahl Fly-Fishing Papers and Photographs is available online here.

Washington State Normal School Off-Campus Housing PhotographsWashington State Normal School Off-Campus Housing Photographs

Digitized copies of a collection of fifty-five photographs documenting off-campus housing at the Washington State Normal School (now Western Washington University) in the 1920s and 1930s. The majority of the residences were on High, Garden, 21st, Maple, Forest, Liberty, and Myrtle streets. Original images are available at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies.

Washington Women's History Consortium - Digital ImagesWashington Women's History Consortium - Digital Images

This collection contains select digitized photographs and manuscript materials documenting the experiences and achievements of women in Washington State.

These digital resources are sampled from a number of different collections at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies. The digital collections were created in partnership with the Washington Women's History Consortium, using funding awarded from the Washington State Legislature.

Washington Women's History Consortium - Oral HistoriesWashington Women's History Consortium - Oral Histories

Select oral histories about different aspects of women's history and experiences.

The bulk of this digital collection was created in 2007 with supporting grant funding from the Washington State Legislature to members of the Washington Women's History Consortium.

Waterfront Oral Histories Project (Selected Transcripts)Waterfront Oral History Project (Selected Transcripts)

A selection of transcripts from interviews conducted in 2006 with employees of the Georgia-Pacific Corporation pulp mill in Bellingham, Washington, formerly owned and operated by Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Company. A guide to the larger collection of Waterfront Front Oral History Project records archived at CPNWS is available here.

2005 NCAA Division II Women's Rowing Championship trophyWestern Athletics Memorabilia

Over 400 images of items from Western Athletics' collection of trophies, plaques, and other memorabilia. Those commemorated include teams, athletes, coaches, administrators, and community supporters, including Western Athletics Hall of Fame inductees.

University Archives & Records Center
Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers 2008 Annual MeetingWestern Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers 2008 Annual Meeting

Papers and abstracts demonstrating the wide breadth of material that geographers, planners, earth scientists, geologists, foresters, resource managers, anthropologists, computer scientists, biologists, and others contribute to geographic knowledge.

Western Division, Canadian Association of Geographers
Western Front Historical CollectionWestern Front Historical Collection

Since its beginnings in 1899 as a "Normal School," there has been a student newspaper at Western. From Normal Messenger to Northwest Viking to WWCollegian to Western Front (and other title variants in between), the student paper has chronicled the social, athletic, academic, and creative life of the institution throughout its trajectory from teacher-training college to comprehensive regional university.

Special Collections
Collection thumbnail image of a reel of motion picture filmWestern Washington University Audiovisual Records

A growing collection of audiovisual and photographic content of varied internal origin produced to document WWU events, provide marketing assets for WWU, or share stories about the people and activities of the WWU community. Most of the videos were created by, or in collaboration with, WWU Video Services or units within University Relations and Marketing.

Whatcom County Homemade Music Society Oral HistoriesWhatcom County Homemade Music Society Oral Histories

Oral histories from founders and members of the Whatcom County Homemade Music Society, based in Bellingham, Washington. A detailed guide to the collection is available online.

Whittington Collection of Asian CeramicsWhittington Collection of Asian Ceramics

Images and descriptions of more than 200 Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese ceramics donated to Western by Floyd and Carol Whittington.

Special Collections
Women in Sport at WesternWomen in Sport at Western

From the earliest days of the institution, women played sports of all kinds, both casually and competitively. This collection presents images of that tradition, in support of the celebration of Women in Sport at Western.

Special Collections
Women's Recreation Association PhotographsWomen's Recreation Association Photographs

Images of the members, teams, and activities of the Women's Athletic Association/Women's Recreation Association (WRA) at Western. The images span the group's history, from its origins in the 1920s to its end in the early 1970s upon the formal establishment of Women's Athletics at Western. Included are images of branch clubs, such as the Blue Barnacles synchronized swim club and the Orchesis/Modern Dance club.

University Archives & Records Center
Collection thumbnail showing two women riding bicycles on High Street through Western's campus in 1972.WWU Communications and Marketing Archives

Historical photographic, audiovisual, and textual content from Western Washington University's Office of Communications and Marketing and its predecessors.

University Archives & Records Center