Finding a Video

Finding a Video

Finding a Video in the Catalog:

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  • The easiest way to locate a video is to use "Video" search link under Start Your Research > Library Catalog on the main library web page.
  • Videos can also be found in the catalog a variety of ways.  Any video can be searched using the same kind of search commands that are used to search for print materials - author, title, subject, etc.  Directors, actors, producers, etc. can be considered authors for the purpose of catalog searching.
  • Search Strategies:

    • Traditional Search:  If a traditional title, author or subject as mentioned above search yields a long list of hits your search can be limited to help   locate videos within the list.  To do this click on the "Limit this search" button at the top of the screen.  Then, from the pull-down menu for "Material Type" choose "Visual Media" and click the sort button.
    • Genre Search:  At the main catalog search menu choose "Genera /Form."  From the pull-down menu select "videos".  This will lead you to links which list all of the videos owned by The WWU Libraries broken out into VHS and DVD format.