Library Honor Roll of Donors FY 2011-12

Library Honor Roll of Donors FY 2011-12

This list reflects all gifts made to Western Libraries between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

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$10,000 and Above | $1,000 - $9,999 | $100 - $999 | $1 - $99

$10,000 and Above

Cindy Kelly Hacherl

Halprin Family Foundation; Bert Halprin & Janice Obuchowski

David Ishii

Kenneth and Susan Lamarche

Henry G. Schwarz and Margaret E. McFadyen

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$1,000 - $9,999.99

Marian Alexander

AT&T Foundation

Thomas and Jeanne Crisp

Paul and Mary Ann Ford

Chris Friday

Richard and Melinda Hearsey

Larry and Kari Hofer

Michael and Julie Lorenzen

Eric Menninga

Molly Raymond Mignon

Diane and Manfred Parker

Bill and Isie Radock

State Of Washington

The Boeing Company

The Procter & Gamble Fund

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$100 - $999.99

Debbie Adams

Raymond Alkofer

Meri Arnett-Kremian

Pamela Auguston

Mark and Annette Bagley

Roderick and Donelle Bain

Bank of America Foundation

Hank and Erin Baumgart

Danny and Jeannette Beatty

John and Robyn Bender

George and Margaret Bennett

Susan M. Berg

Louise Berry

Americole and Joan Biasini

Marsha Birney

Neal Bittner

Donald and Kathie Bliss

Bradford and Diane Borden

Jacqueline Boss

David A. Britton

Gilbert and Mary Ann Brokaw

Jeffrey and Diane Brostrom

Roger and Victoria Brown

John and Yolanda Bruce

Louise Burke

Ross and Terri Carpenter

Richard and Janie Carr

Maurice Cary

Carol Casprowitz

Janice Marie Clark

Roland Clark

Christopher Cox

William and Marilyn Cranston

Joseph and Janine Czerniecki

Anthony D'Alessio

John and Louise Dick

Diann Dickey

John A. and Joan A. Dragavon

James and Janet Falkenreck

Joaquin Fegurgur

Nicole and Jimmy Ferrer

David and Amy Foster

Richard Francis

Steve & Gale Fransen

Lowell and Alyce Fritz

S. Jeanie Garrioch

Jan Gilbertson

Luana Graves

George Gulick and Julie Kerans

Leslie Hall

David Hamiter and Rob Olson

Kirk Hansen

William and Molly Hastings

Joyce and Cecil Hayes

James Hearns

Patricia Helm

Sidney and Trudy Hendrickson

H. E. and Helga Hirsch

Jennifer E. Hoover

Rebecca Hubbard

William Hussey

Richard and Marilyn Jaeger

Randy Johnston

David Jones

Patricia Joyner

Dennis and Kathleen Kasprzyk

Charles Kauffman

Robert Keiper

Richard Keller & Jennifer MacKillop

David E. Ketter and Mary Jo Dugaw

William and Trudy Kindler

Charles and Joan King

Oris and Bonnie Kirk

Thea Kleiber

Gerald A. Kloster

John Knudsen

James and Cheryl Koenig

Margy Kotick

Carole LaFond

Ronald and Claudia Latham

Dinah Lee

Margie Lee

Curt and Jane Lenssen

John Lillard and Julia Kalmus

Virginia Linwick

Kathleen Lundeen

David and Kathy Maness

Christopher Marshall

Robert and Marilyn Mathews

Stephen and Kathleen Matson

Denise Maxwell

Marilyn May

Melvin McDonald

Dana McKenna

Dan and Kay McMurry

Patricia Meiers

Bruce and Susan Michelson

Jeffrey Miller & Jennifer Schmidt

Thomas Moak

Katherine Morris

Karen and Joseph Morse

Renee Murray

Michael and Amy Neff

Mary Kay Neumeister

Ricney and Mary Newhouse

Trang Nguyen and Mailan Tran

Dolores Nolder

James and Donna O'Brien

John A. Ott

Richard and Deborah Patneaude

Thomas and Karen Peddicord

Einar and Emma Pedersen

Jack and Klaire Pirtle

Cecilia S Poon

Larry Pound

Nicholas Preboski

Robert and Martha Pringle

Ed and Jane Richards

Prasit and Yaeko Rojnuckarin

Sarah Roskam

Hakan and Deb Rudback

James and Lois Russo

Thomas and Gina Ryan

Mary Shaffer

Kathleen Shaw

Shell Oil Co Inc

Elizabeth Sipes

David and Christy Smith

Peter Smith

Keith Stearns

Bob and Darlene Stutte

Cecil and June Thomas

Gerald and Marcia Thompson

Kathy and Joseph Tinoco

Kimberly and Brian Unti

Theodore and Carolyn Vaughan

Julia and Darcy Walker

Daniel and Annette Wanwig

Barbara Ann Werelius

Steven and Laurel Wilson

Evelyn C. Wright

Michiko Yusa

Danielle Zaklan

Michael and Sara Zientek

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$1 - $99.99

Linda Alger

Ronald and Gretchen Amen

James and Donna Anderson

Rick and Janet Anthony

Scott and Linda Badger

Allen Bell

Kirk Bellar and Lisa Marker

John Bennerstrom

Michael and Rebecca Blick

Keith and Sandi Bloxham

Michael and Christy Bond

Norman and Joyce Bottenberg

Richard and Sue Braun

Kurt and Chris Braunwart

Terry and Melody Brown

James and Sharon Buechler

Lawrence and Isabelle Buhler

Carol Burns

John and Donna Butler

John Cantlon and Mary Nash

Debbie and Stephen Cassidy

Peter and Mary-Ruth Chapin

Helen Cook

Joseph and Carolyn Corvino

Chris D. Cotey

Shawn Cozza

Richard and Jonna Crow

Peter and Calla Crowley

David and Ruth Cruz

Michael Cull

Robert and Janis Cunningham

Douglas and JoAnn Cutler

JoAnn Cutler

Jill Davis

Thomas and Jo Ann De Lazzari

James and Karen Depew

James and Deborah Dodge

Michael Dolan

Conrad and Leslie Eaton

Dan and Mary Edelstein

Scott and Sarah Edwards

Francille Egbert

Eugene and Florence Fairbanks

Richard and Kim Favors

John and Gail Ferrera

David and Patricia Fioretti

Simon and Jane Fletcher

Dustin and Susan Frederick

Allen Frost

Marc and Ann Galland

Laura Jean Gallegos

Phil Gaylord

Joe and Susan Gentry

Holly Giffen

Robert and Eyda Goetschius

James and Juli Goff

Kathy Goldberg

Kenneth and Mary Goldblatt

Jacqueline Green

Mark Lynn Green

Vincent and Mary Guballa

James and Alisa Halwachs

John Hansen

Thomas and LaVonne Harrington

David and Jane Haug

Dianne May Hauter

Martin and Rebecca Havekost

Marrianne Hawkins

Tom and Roberta Hawkins

George and Gabriella Heffner

Bruce Heller & Deborah Feldman

Robert and Sandra Hennessy

Jay and Connie Himlie

Robert and Judy Holmes

Lori L. Huckins

Terry and Sharon Huffman

Lonnie and Lynn Hughes

Barbara J. Hunt

David Hunting

Margaret and Stanley Iwagoshi

Parivash Jamzadeh

Bjorn and Lisa Jansson

William Jefferson

James Kahny

Ann Nola Kalstad

Robert and Susan Kern

Andrew and Larraine King

Larraine and Andrew King

David and Rocel Kingman

Chad Michael Koch

Debra B. Konnerup

David and Pamela Konsa

Arnt and Chris Koser

Ellis and Sally Kube

Ted and Kathy LaDoux

Mary Rae Lanning

James and Barbara Larson

Paul and Patricia Lazowski

Michael Lee and Karen Grefe

Nigel and Lori Lewis

Robert and Susan Lorbeski

Thomas and Shirley Loughney

Lloyd & Sharon Lowe

Charlie Edward MacDonald

Douglas and Susan Mah

Anita Louise Mammoser

Steve and Jeanne Manche

Richard and Leslie Mann

Roy and Susan Massey

Linnea and Allen Mattson

Kathy Ann Mays

Stephen and Frances Menzel

George and Faye Nicolai

Arthur Olsen and Sharon Miller

Richard and Mary Paul

John R. and Ann M. Penning

Terry and Shelly Peterson

Jane Phillips

Leslie Phillips

Josef and Cheryl Piha

Robert and Sandra Pinotti

Kathy Porter

James and Paula Powers

Teresa Powers

Edmond and Estrella Randle

Dana and Cynthia Rego

Stephen and Maryann Reichley

Tricia Diane Reid

Daniel and Judith Rich

Chad Alan Roberts

Randy and Susan Robinson

Jack Philip Rosoff

Alice J. Ruby

Donna Rudiger

Lawrence and Nancy Rudolph

Roger and Cynthia Rumann

Darlene Saarheim

William and Janet Safstrom

Charles and Margaret Scaief

Frank and Linda Schatz

Brock and Susan Schexnayder

Maryam and Luther Schutz

Mark and Karen Severson

Don and Maria Shaffer

Frank and Linda Shaw

Robert and Patty Siemers

Tim and Liane Simmons

Samuel & Krystyna Sinnott

Bill and Beth Slonaker

Douglas and Irene Smart

Sofia Smetheram

Christopher and Valerie Smith

Sandra Smith

Charles Snelling and Sharon Emerson

Paul D. Solomon

Diane Marie Spotts

Wade Springborn

Ruth A. Stadt

Cynthia Anne Stroo

Elaine Sutton

Cedric and Wanda Terry

Dan and Yvette Thompson

Ralph and Karen Thornton

Havens and Linda Tipps

Kathryne Torras

Hue Thi Tran

Brad and Terry Tremaine

David and Carla Trulson

Gerald and Judith Tuori

Dennis and Mary Udman

Jeffrey and Laura Vaughan

Rick and Karen Walker

Laurie and Robert Walton

John and Constance West

Wike White

Kenneth and Janet Williams

Lawrence and Geraldine Williams

David Wilson

Keith Yamaguchi

Charles and Kathleen Zimmerman

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