COVID-19 Documentation Project

Telling Our Stories: Western's Response to COVID-19

Western Libraries Heritage Resources is creating a digital archive of Western’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are interested in the experiences of students, faculty and staff as they have adjusted to working, teaching and learning from home, including an unprecedented shift to online classes. We are also interested in what it has meant to engage in social distancing, and to be separated from friends and family. Over the next few months, we will be seeking stories, photographs, recordings of WWU-sponsored COVID-19 programming, official university memos and directives, art and poetry created in response to COVID-19, and other documentation that chronicles the pandemic through the voices of students, faculty, staff and community members.

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Themes we hope to explore

  • How are students, faculty and staff transitioning to remote teaching and learning?
  • How is social distancing impacting our lives and work?
  • How has the pandemic changed our daily routines, and the ways we engage with our community and campus?
  • What do students miss the most about their lives on campus?
  • What activities have students, faculty and staff engaged in to help others during the pandemic? How have you helped and been helped?
  • Has COVID-19 made you more aware of inequities and injustices in society? If so, in what ways?

Content we hope to collect

  • University records:
      • We will be making a direct appeal to university recordkeepers and content creators about preserving university-created content, including communications, documents, media, and other covid-specific records. For now, university employees can send shareable university content to the University Archives' dedicated email account for this project: Use that email address to send shareable COVID-related emails, shareable documents, links to shareable online university content, or even just to ask for more information about contributing university records. More to come! 
    • Personal papers and other material:
      • Think about what you believe should be saved now, and what future Western students, faculty and staff should understand about the current COVID-19 reality.
      • Find and save your personal letters, photographs, email, journal entries, blog posts, video and audio recordings, and be sure you have permission to share these things. Understand that the material you share will be archived and made available to the public. Let others know and encourage them to donate.
      • Contact with ideas, questions, or for more information about how to contribute.
    • Share your story. Use the form below to write about how your life at Western has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.