Access and Use of Collections

Access and Use of Collections

Permission to Access

  • Permission to examine Heritage Resources' materials will be granted once the patron has signed the register. Access to archival collections also requires that patrons complete a research application form.

Regulations for the Use of Records

  • All personal items such as coats, briefcases, backpacks, and purses must be secured in the researcher's vehicle, building lockers, or closet.
  • No food, drink, or tobacco products are allowed in the research room.
  • To assure a proper environment for study, quiet is required in the research room.
  • Pencils, loose-leaf paper, and lap-tops are allowed in the research area. Other personal items or devices are subject to approval by Heritage Resources staff and may be checked upon exiting.
  • Collection materials may not be marked, cut, altered or mutilated in any way nor will they be folded, traced, or fastened with any sort of clip.
  • The quantity of items retrieved will be limited to that which can be used in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Researchers must maintain the existing order and arrangement of materials. Folders are to be removed one at a time from boxes before any items are removed for viewing or copying.
  • Duplicate copies will be made by authorized personnel only, and researchers will be charged according to the posted fee schedule.
  • Collection materials must be left on table when research is complete.


  • Heritage Resources collections do not circulate.

Guidelines and Fees Governing Duplication Requests

  • Heritage Resources staff may produce duplicate copies of collection materials. Because of the need to protect materials from damage, Heritage Resources does not provide self-service copying. Based on the condition of the materials, staff will determine what material may or may not be copied as well as the copying process that is most suitable.
  • All duplication requests must be in compliance with Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Code.
  • Where applicable by law, Heritage Resources retains all copyright to materials in its collections. Copies are made for scholarly/research purposes or personal use only. Requests for any other use materials must be writing and approved by the Director of Heritage Resources or designated staff.
  • All reproductions of Heritage Resources items must be given proper citation as follows:

Collection Title
Department Name
Western Libraries Heritage Resources
Western Washington University

  • The costs of duplication services are based on publically posted rates and subject to yearly revision. A current fee schedule is AVAILABLE HERE.
  • Effective March 27, 2017, Heritage Resources units will accept credit card payments only for approved duplication requests, and/or other goods and services. Invoices/payment requests will be initiated by Heritage Resources staff.
  • Researchers agree to pay all costs incurred in the duplication process.
  • Researchers must complete a duplication request form before an order may be processed.
  • Heritage Resources staff must approve all duplication requests. Requests may be denied if prohibited by copyright law, restrictions, or if duplication would result in damage to the original item.
  • All copies (in all forms) are provided for personal use. Further duplication is not permitted, nor may the copies be transferred to another institution.
  • Researchers assume all responsibility for any infringement of copyright or publication rights belonging to the author or creator, or their heirs. 
  • Researchers assume all responsibility for communicating with holders of copyright concerning permissions to quote or publish information protected by copyright.
  • In making copies available, Heritage Resources does not thereby grant permission for the purpose of publication. All reproduction requests for publication or display must be submitted in writing and will require the completion of a separate permission to publish or display form.
  • There is no fee for non-profit requests beyond the cost of duplication. For-profit requests (all formats) will be assessed a fee for one-time use only. All reproduction requests for publication or display must be submitted in writing and will require the completion of a permission to publish or display form.


The following forms are for use by patrons who wish to use Heritage Resources' collections.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact or call (360) 650-7534.