The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies seeks to publish original, peer-reviewed works through the Internet. Using the capabilities of the web-based environment, the Occasional Papers series provides an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of interpretive studies on the past and present of the region that stretches from Alaska and British Columbia southward to northern California, from the Pacific Coast eastward to the Rocky Mountains.

The Occasional Papers series includes works not otherwise likely to appear in academic journals because of the length or difficulty in accommodating the format of a particular study. Authors may submit for consideration works such as conference papers, longer research monographs, critical and analytical review essays, and documentary editing projects.

The Occasional Papers series provides the opportunity for authors to engage the potential of the Internet in their studies through the use of audio-visual materials, hyperlinks, and other features difficult to produce in paper print format.

Submissions will be peer reviewed and made available to users for a nominal fee.

Occasional Paper 1:

Burkhart, Brendan, "Postcards and Dead Fish: The Capitalism and the Construction of Place, Bellingham, Washington, 1918-1927