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Center For Pacific Northwest Studies Occasional Papers
Author Title Price
James H. Hitchman The Port of Bellingham 1920 - 1970 out of print
Donald D. Eckland Washington's "Wild Scotsman": The Early Aeronautical Adventures of L. Guy Mecklem, 1896-1910 $3.95
John W. Mairs and Eugene A Hoerauf The Puget Sound Region: A Portfolio of Computer Maps $3.95
David G. Tremaine Indian and Pioneer Settlement in the Nooksack Lowland to 1890 out of print
James W. Scott and Manfred C. Vernon Man, Governament, and the Sea: Northern Puget Sound and the Straight of Georgia $4.95
James W. Scott Transportation in the Puget Sound Region: Past, Present and Future out of print
James H. Hitchman Waterborne Commerce of British Columbia and Washington $4.95
Dept. Geography & Regional Planning, WWU The Puget Sound Region: A Second Portfolio of Topical Maps out of print
Manfred C. Vernon and James W. Scott Fisheries in Puget Sound: Public Good and Private Interest $4.95
Roland L. DeLorme Of Man, Time, and a River: The Skagit River, How Should It Be Used $4.95
James W. Scott, Donald K. Alper, and Manfred C. Vernon Oil in Washington Waters: Boon or Bane? $5.95
Daniel E. Turbeville III The Electric Railway Era in Northwest Washington , 1890-1930 out of print
James H. Hitchman Henry Davidson Sheldon and the University of Oregon 1874-1978 $6.95
James W. Scott The Pacific Northwest and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Howad J. Critchfield $6.95
Kenneth E. Gordon Environmental Data Use in Computer-Assisted Spatial Data Handling Systems $8.95
Keith A. Murray History of the Bellingham Rotary Club, 1917-1981 $4.95
James H. Hitchman Liberal Arts Colleges in Oregon and Washington (1981) out of print
Phyllis W. Bultmann The Great Depression and It's Fifty year Shadow $5.95
Garland F. Grabert Ferndale in Prehistory: Archaeological Investigations in the Lower and Midle Nooksack Valley $4.95
Keith A. Murray Centennial Churches of Washington's "Fourth Corner" $8.95
Zella M. Schultz On the Wings of the Wild Wind $9.95
Donald D. Ecklund Bay View: Pioneer City of the Sound out of print
Matthew H. Dick and June R. P. Ross Intertidal Bryozoa (Cheilostomata) of the Kodiak Vicinity, Alaska $10.95
Keith A. Murray Reindeer and Gold $10.95


Center For Pacific Northwest Studies Special Publications

Author Title Price
James W. Scott Pacific Northwest themes: Historical Essays in Honor of Keith A. Murray $5.95
James W. Scott and Daniel E Turbeville III Whatcom County in Maps 1932-1937 out of print
Dorothy Koert The Lyric Singer: A Biography of Ella Higginson $9.95
James W. Scott and Daniel E. Turbeville III Early Industries of Bellingham Bay and Whatcom County: A Photographic Essay $13.95
Steve Hagar The Bellingham Golf and Country Club, Since 1912 $2.95
Charles N. Forward and George A. Gerhold Environment and Man in British Columbia and Washington $4.95
Carol Mitrani and Gerard F. Rutan Washington State/British Columbia Governmental Interactions 1979 $5.95
Center for Pacific Northwest Studies Map of the Historic Register Sites of Whatcom County $1.95


Publications of the Fourth Corner Registry

Author Title Price
Percival R. Jeffcott John A. Tennant: Early Pioneer and Preacher $4.95
Arthur C. Hicks and R. Milton Clarke The Bellingham Theater Guild and Shelley's "The Cenci" $4.95
Dorothy Koert Whatcom Scenes: A Miscellany of Prose and Verse $9.95
Dorothy Koert and James W. Scott Whatcom Images: An Illustrated Collection of Prose and Verse $12.95
Elaine A. Smith and Cecil Swanson Whatcom Past and Present: The Stories, Poems, and Pictures by and for It's People $9.95

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