Myrl E. Beck, Jr. Collection

Myrl E. Beck, Jr. Collection

Western Collection: Beck, M. (Box)

Biographical Note

A teacher and scholar of geology, specializing in tectonics, paleomagnetism, regional geology, and geophysics, Myrl E. Beck, Jr. was born May 13, 1933, in Redlands, California. He was educated at Stanford University (BA, 1955; MS, 1960) and the University of California, Riverside (PhD (Geology), 1968). His doctoral dissertation was entitled Paleomagnetism and Magnetic Intensities of Keweenawan Intrusive Rocks from Northeastern Minnesota. His professional experience includes employment as an assistant (paleomagnetism) in the department of Geophysics, Stanford University (1961-62), and as a geologist by Standard Oil Co. of California (1962) and the U. S. Geological Survey (1962-63). Faculty appointments include visiting professorships at the Geophysical Institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (1973) and at Northwestern University and the University of Arizona (1984-85). In 1969, Dr. Beck was appointed to the faculty of the department of Geology, Western Washington University, attaining the rank of Professor in 1973. On his retirement in 1997, he was honored with the title Professor Emeritus of Geology. Dr. Beck continues his involvement with geology studies and research at Western, including leadership of  projects of the department's Pacific Northwest Paleomagnetism Laboratory. A prolific contributor to the literature of his specialties, Dr. Beck's research interests include the application of paleomagnetism and other geophysical methods to the study of tectonic processes, orogenic history of the Andes and North American Cordillera, and tectonics of the eastern Mediterranean and southern Carribean region.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of off-prints and photocopies of articles and other published contributions in the fields of tectonics, paleomagnetism, regional geology, and geophysics. The Collection is ongoing, with the first work published in 1976.

Notes on Arrangement

The Collection is organized into folders. Items are ordered chronologically by date of publication, sub-arranged alphabetically by title when items share a common publication date. The arrangement is by Special Collections.


The Myrl E. Beck, Jr. Collection is the ongoing gift of Myrl E. Beck, Jr., to Special Collections for The Western Collection.

Copyright Notice

Some of the material in this Collection may be under copyright.



Folder List

Folder 1: Works, undated

Jones, David L, Allan Cox, Peter Coney and Myrl Beck.  "The Growth of Western North America." p. 70-84.

Mynatt, Ian, Bernard A. Housen, Myrl E. Beck.  "Late Cretaceous Paleogeography of Wrangellia: Paleomagnetism of the McColl Ridge Formation, Southern Alaska, Revisited: Comment." 

Drake, R., F. Hervé, F. Munizaga, M. Beck.  "Magmatism and the Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault Zone, Chile Sur (40°-46° S. Lat.).

Burmester, R. F., M. E. Beck, R. C. Speed.  "Paleomagnetic Data from Mustique, West Indies, Suggest Counterclockwise Rotation in Pre-Late Miocene Rocks."

Speed, Robert C., Russell F. Burmester and Myrl E. Beck.  "Paleomagnetic Results from Mayreau, West Indies, Rule Out Large Tectonic Rotations Since the Eocene."

Folder 2: Works, 1965-1980

Beck, M. E.  "Paleomagnetic and Geological Implications of Magnetic Properties of the Triassic Diabase of Southeastern Pennsylvania."  Journal of Geophysical Research 70 (1965): 2846-2856.

Beck,  Myrl E.  "The Effect of Magmatic Differentiation on the Magnetic Properties of Diabase Sheets of Southeastern Pennsylvania."  Geological Survey Research (1966): D109-D116.

Books, Kenneth G., Walter S. White, and Myrl E. Beck.  "Magnetization of Keweenawan Gabbro in Northern Wisconsin and Its Relation to Time of Intrusion." Geological Survey Research (1966): D117-D124.

Beck, Myrl E., Arthur B. Ford and Walter W. Boyd.  "Palaeomagnetism of a Stratiform Intrusion in the Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica." Nature 217 (1968): 534-535.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Paleomagnetism of Keweenawan Intrusive Rocks, Minnesota."  Journal of Geophysical Research 75 (1970): 4985-4996.

Beck, Myrl E. and Nancy Lindsley Griffin.  "Magnetic Intensities in a Differentiated Gabbroic Body, the Dufek Intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica."  Geological Survey Research (1971): B117-B121.

Kinoshita, Hajimu and Myrl E. Beck.  "Preliminary Report of the Paleomagnetism of the Twin Sisters Dunite Intrusion, Washington, U.S.A." Journal of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity 23 (1971): 401-408.

Beck, Myrl E. and Dwight L. Schmidt.   "Reset Direction of Remanent Magnetization for Upper Cambrian Rhyodacitic Welded Tuff, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica."  Geological Survey Research (1971): C174-C178.

Beck, Myrl E., Linda Noson.  "Anomalous Palaeolatitudes in Cretaceous Granitic Rocks."  Nature. Physical Science 235 (1972): 11-12.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Palaeomagnetism and Magnetic Polarity Zones in the Jurassic Dufek Intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica." Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 28 (1972): 49-63.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Paleomagnetism of Upper Triassic Diabase from Southeastern Pennsylvania: Further Results." Journal of Geophysical Results 77 (1972): 5673-5687.

Teissere, R. F. and M. E. Beck.  "Divergent Cretaceous Paleomagnetic Pole Position for the Southern California Batholith, U.S.A." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 18 (1973): 296-300.

Diehl, Jimmy F., Myrl E. Beck and Peter W. Lipman.  "Palaeomagnetism and Magnetic-Polarity Zonation in Some Oligocene Volcanic Rocks of the San Juan Mountains, South-western Colorado." Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 37 (1974): 323-332.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Remanent Magnetism of the Twin Sisters Dunite Intrustion and Implications for the Tectonics of the Western Cordillera." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 26 (1975): 263-268.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Discordant Paleomagnetic Pole Positions as Evidence of Regional Shear in the Western Cordillera of North America." American Journal of Science 276 (1976): 694-712.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Rotations by Spherical Trigonometry." Geology (1978): 215-216.

Beck, Myrl E., Steven D. Sheriff, Jimmy F. Diehl.  "Further Paleomagnetic Results for the San Juan Volcanic Field of Southern Colorado." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 37 (1977): 124-130.

Engebretson, David C. and Myrl E. Beck.  "On the Shape of Directional Data Sets." Journal of Geophysical Research 83 (1978): 5979-5982.

Beck, Myrl E., Peter W. Plumley.  "Late Cenozoic Subduction and Continental-Margin Truncation Along the Northern Middle America Trench: Discussion." Geological Society of America Bulletin 90 (1979): 792-793.

Beck, Myrl E., Cynthia D. Burr.  "Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Significance of the Goble Volcanic Series, Southwestern Washington." Geology 7 (1979): 175-179.

Jacobson, D. and M. E. Beck.  "A Paleocene Paleomagnetic Pole for North America from Alkalic Intrusions, Central Montana." Geophysical Research Letters 7 (1980): 549-552.

Diehl, J. F., S. Beske-Diehl, M. E. Beck and B. C. Hearn.  "Paleomagnetic Results from Early Eocene Intrusions, North-Central Montana: Implications for North American Apparent Polar-Wandering." Geophysical Research Letters 7 (1980): 541-544.

Beck, Mryl, Allan Cox, David L. Jones.  "Mesozoic and Cenozoic Microplate Tectonics of Western North America." Geology 8 (1980): 454-456.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Paleomagnetic Record of Plate-Margin Tectonic Processes along the Western Edge of North America." Journal of Geophysical Research 85 (1980): 7115-7131.

Beck, Myrl E., Peter W. Plumley.  "Paleomagnetism of Intrusive Rocks in the Coast Range of Oregon: Microplate Rotations in Middle Tertiary Time." Geology 8 (1980): 573-577.

Folder 3: 1981-1984

Beck, M. E., R. F. Burmester, D. C. Engebretson, R. Schoonover.  "Northward Translation of Mesozoic Batholits, Western North America: Paleomagnetic Evidence and Tectonic Significance." Geofisica Internacional 20 (1981): 143-162.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester and Ruth Schoonover.  "Paleomagnetism and Tectonics of the Cretaceous Mt. Stuart Batholith of Washington: Translation or Tilt?" Earth and Planetary Science Letters 56 (1981): 336-342.

Bates, Roger G., Myrl E. Beck, Russell F. Burmester.  "Tectonic Rotations in the Cascade Range of Southern Washington."  Geology 9 (1981): 184-189. 3 copies.

Russell, Branch J., Myrl E. Beck, Russell F. Burmester, R. C. Speed.  "Cretaceous Magnetizations in Northwestern Nevada and Tectonic Implications."  Geology 10 (1982): 423-428.

Globerman, Brian A., Myrl E. Beck, Robert A. Duncan.  "Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Significance of Eocene Basalts from the Black Hills, Washington Coast Range." Geological Society of America Bulletin 93 (1982): 1151-1159.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Paleomagnetism of Small Basalt Exposures in the West Puget Sound Area, Washington, and Speculations on the Accretionary Origin of the Olympic Mountains." Journal of Geophysical Research 87 (1982): 3755-3760.

Beck, Myrl E., R. F. Burmester, Ruth Schoonover.  "Tertiary Paleomagnetism of the North Cascade Range, Washington." Geophysical Research Letters 9 (1982): 515-518.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Comment on: 'Determination of the Angle of a Fisher Distribution Which Will Be Exceeded with a Given Probability' by P. L. McFadden."  Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 75 (1983): 847-849.

Riddihough, R. P., M. E. Beck, et al.  "Geodynamics of the Juan de Fuca Plate." Geodynamics of the Eastern Pacific Region, Caribbean and Scotia Arcs. Ed. Ramón Cabré. Washington, D. C.: American Geophysical Union, 1983. 5-21.

Beck, Myrl E.  "On the Mechanism of Tectonic Transport in Zones of Oblique Subduction." Tectonophysics 93 (1983): 1-11.

Diehl, J. F., M. E. Beck, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of the Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary North-Central Montana Alkalic Province." Journal of Geophysical Research 88 (1983): 10,593-10,609.

Beck, M. E.  Rev. of Extensional Tectonics Associated with Convergent Plate Boundaries. Proceedings of a Discussion of the Royal Society Held in London, March 19 and 20, 1980Earth Science Reviews 19 (1983): 365-366.

Beck, Myrl E. "Has the Washington-Oregon Coast Range Moved Northward?" Geology 12 (1984): 737-740.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Introduction to the Special Issue on Correlations between Plate Motions and Cordilleran Tectonics."  Tectonics 3 (1984): 103-105.

Beck, Myrl E.  "So You Thought Mountain Ranges Were Complicated."  Nature 112 (1984): 600.

Folder 4: 1985-1989

Fox, Kenneth F., Myrl E. Beck.  "Paleomagnetic Results for Eocene Volcanic Rocks from Northeastern Washington and the Tertiary Tectonics of the Pacific Northwest." Tectonics 4 (1985): 323-341.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Significado Tectonico de los Estudios Paleomagneticos en los Andes = Tectonic Significance of Paleomagnetic Studies in the Andes." Communicaciones 35 (1985): 15-18.

Granirer, Julian L, Russell F. Burmester, and Myrl E. Beck.  "Cretaceous Paleomagnetism of the Methow-Pasayten Belt, Washington." Geophysical Research Letters 13 (1986): 733-736.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Model for Late Mesozoic-Early Tertiary Tectonics of Coastal California and Western Mexico and Speculations on the Origins of the San Andreas Fault." Tectonics 5 (1986): 49-64.

Beck, Myrl E., Robert E. Drake, Robert F. Butler.  "Paleomagnetism of Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks from Central Chile and Implications for the Tectonics of the Andes."  Geology 14 (1986): 132-136.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, and Douglas E. Craig.  "Paleomagnetism of Middle Tertiary Volcanic Rocks from the Western Cascade Series, Northern California." Journal of Geophysical Research 91 (1986): 8219-8230.

Gromme, C. Sherman, Myrl E. Beck, Ray E. Wells, and David C. Engebretson.  "Paleomagnetism of the Tertiary Clarno Formation of Central Oregon and Its Significance for the Tectonic History of the Pacific Northwest."  Journal of Geophysical Research 91 (1986): 14,089-14,103.

Beck, Myrl E.  "North American APW and Terrane Transport, Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous-Orogenic Consequences." EOS Transactions (American Geophysical Union) 68 (1987). Draft; unpaged.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Analysis of Late Jurassic-Recent Paleomagnetic Data from Active Plate Margins of South America." Journal of South American Earth Sciences 1 (1988): 39-52.

Beck, M. E.  "Block Rotations in Continental Crust: Examples from Western North America." Paleomagnetic Rotations and Continental Deformation. Eds. C. Laj and C. Kissel. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988. 1-16.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Tectonic Rotations on the Leading Edge of South America: the Bolivian Orocline Revisited. " Geology 15 (1987): 806-808.

Garcia, Alfredo R., Myrl E. Beck, Russell F. Burmester, et. al.  "Paleomagnetic Reconnaissance of the Region de Los Lagos, Southern Chile, and Its Tectonic Implications." Revista Geologica de Chile 15 (1988): 13-30.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Paleomagnetism of Continental North America; Implications for Displacement of Crustal Blocks within the Western Cordillera, Baja California to British Columbia." Geophysical Framework of the Continental United States. Ed. L. C. Pakiser, W. D. Mooney. Boulder, Colo.: Geological Society of America, 1989. 471-491.

Skalbeck, John D., Russell F. Burmester, Myrl E. Beck and Robert C. Speed.  "Paleomagnetism of the Late Permian-Early Triassic Koipato Volcanics, Nevada: Implications for Latitudinal Displacement."  Earth and Planetary Science Letters 95 (1989): 403-410.

May, Steven R., Myrl E. Beck, Robert F. Butler.  "North American Apparent Polar Wander, Plate Motion, and Left-Oblique Convergence: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Orogenic Consequences." Tectonics 8 (1989): 443-451.

Folder 5: Works, 1990-1994

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetic Results from Cretaceous Rocks in the Llaillay-San Felipe-Putaendo Region: Implications for Block Rotations in the Andean Forearc." Revista Geologica de Chile 17 (1990): 115-130.

Bazard, David R., Russell F. Burmester and Myrl E. Beck, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of the Methow Region, North-Central Washington: Structual Application of Paleomagnetic Data in a Complexly Deformed, Variably Remagnetized Terrane."  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 27 (1990): 330-343.

Burmester, R. F., D. R. Bazard and M. E. Beck.  "Post-Folding Remagnetization That Passes the Fold Test."  Geophysical Journal International 102 (1990): 455-463.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Case for Northward Transport of Baja and Coastal Southern California: Paleomagnetic Data, Analysis, and Alternatives." Geology 19 (1991): 506-509.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Coastwise Transport Reconsidered: Lateral Displacements in Oblique Subduction Zones, and Tectonic Consequences." Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 68 (1991): 1-8.

Beck, Myrl E., Alfredo Garcia R., Russell F. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetism and Geochronology of Late Paleozoic Granitic Rocks from the Lake District of Southern Chile: Implications for Accretionary Tectonics." Geology 19 (1991): 332-335. 2 copies.

Butler, Robert F., Francisco Hervé, Francisco Munizaga, Myrl E. Beck, Russell F. Burmester, and Eduardo S. Oviedo.  "Paleomagnetism of the Patagonian Plateau Basalts, Southern Chili and Argentina." Journal of Geophysical Research 96 (1991): 6023-6034.

Cembrano, Jose, Myrl E. Beck, Russell F. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of Lower Cretaceous Rocks from East of the Liquine-Ofqui Fault Zone, Southern Chile: Evidence of Small In-Situ Clockwise Rotation." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 113 (1992): 539-551.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Some Thermal and Paleomagnetic Consequences of Tilting a Batholith." Tectonics 11 (1992): 297-302.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Tectonic Significance of Paleomagnetic Results for the Western Conterminous United States." The Cordilleran Orogen, Conterminous U. S.  Ed. B. C. Burchfiel, P. Lipman, M. L. Zoback. Boulder: Geological Society of America, 1992. 683-697.

Hervé, Francisco, Robert J. Pankhurst, Robert Drake, Myrl E. Beck, Constantino Mpodozis.  "Granite Generation and Rapid Unroofing Related to Strike-Slip Faulting, Aysén, Chile." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 120 (1993): 375-386.

Beck, Myrl E., C. Rojas, Jose Cembrano.  "On the Nature of Buttressing in Margin-Parallell Strike-Slip Fault Systems." Geology 21 (1993): 755-758.

Riley, Paul  D., Myrl E. Beck, and Russell F. Burmester.  "Paleomagnetic Evidence of Vertical Axis Block Rotations from the Mesozoic of Northern Chile." Journal of Geophysical Research 98 (1993): 8321-8333. 2 copies.

Beck, Myrl E., Elizabeth R. Schermer.  "Aegean Paleomagnetic Inclincation Anomalies. Is There a Tectonic Explanation?" Tectonophysics 231 (1994): 281-292.

Rojas, C., M. E. Beck, R. F. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of the Mid-Tertiary Ayacara Formation, Southern Chile: Counterclockwise Rotation in a Dextral Shear Zone." Journal of South American Earth Sciences 7 (1994): 45-56.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, et al.  "A Tale of Two Continents: Some Tectonic Contrasts between the Central Andes and the North American Cordillera, as Illustrated by their Paleomagnetic Signatures." Tectonics 13 (1994): 215-224.

Folder 6: 1995-2002

Herve, F., R. J. Pankhurst, R. Drake and M. E. Beck.  "Pillow Metabasalts in a Mid-Tertiary Extensional Basin Adjacent to the Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault Zone: the Isla Magdalena Area, Aysén, Chile." Journal of South American Earth Sciences 8 (1995): 33-46.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Comment on "Deflection of Paleomagnetic Directions Due to Magnetization of the Underlying Terrain" by C. Baag, C. Helsley, Shi-Zhe Xu, and B. Liernert."  [1996]. 4 p.

Burmester, Russell F., Myrl E. Beck, et al.  "A Preliminary Paleomagnetic Pole for Mid-Cretaceous Rocks from Tobago: Further Evidence for Large Clockwise Rotations in the Caribbean-South American Plate Boundary Zone." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 139 (1996): 79-90.

Beck, M. E.  "On the Probability of Selecting a Sample with Inclination Less than the True Mean from a Circular Distribution: Paleomagnetic and Tectonic Implications." Tectonophysics 269 (1997): 317-321.

Burmester, Russell F., and Myrl E. Beck.  "Paleomagnetism of Eocene Basalts of Mayreau, West Indies: Implications for Contrasts in Tectonic Rotation in the Southeastern Caribbean." International Geology Review 39 (1997): 82-95.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, and Paul O. Furlong.  "Paleomagnetism of Miocene Volcanic Rocks near Mount Rainer and the Paolemagnetic Record of Cenozoic Tectonism in the Washington Cascades." Washington Geology 25:2 (1997): 8-14.

Beck, Myrl E. "On the Mechanism of Crustal Block Rotations in the Central Andes." Tectonophysics 299 (1998): 75-92.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, Brian C. Steele.  "Paleomagnetism of Probably Remagnetized Late Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks Near Lago Verde, Aisén, Southern Chile." Revista Geologica de Chile 25 (1998): 153-163.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Discussion: On the Mechanism of Crustal Block Rotations in the Central Andes--Reply." Tectonophysics 313 (1999): 467-469.

Beck, M. E.  "Jurassic and Cretaceous Apparent Polar Wander Relative to South America: Some Tectonic Implications." Journal of Geophysical Research 104 (1999): 5063-5067.

Beck, Myrl E.  "On the Shape of Paleomagnetic Data Sets." Journal of Geophysical Research 104 (1999): 1-20.

Beck, Myrl E.  "Testing Terrane Transport: an Inclusive Approach to the Baja B. C. Controversy."  Geology 27 (1999): 1143-1146.

Beck, M., R. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of the North Patagonian Batholith, Southern Chile. An Exercise in Shape Analysis." Tectonophysics 326 (2000): 185-202.

Beck, M., R. Burmester, and D. Kondopoulou.  "The Old Ways Worked." EOS Transactions (American Geophysical Union) 82 (2001): 54, 59.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, et al.  "The Palaeomagnetism of Lesbos, NE Aegean, and the Eastern Mediterranean Inclination Anomaly." Geophysical Journal International 145 (2001): 233-245.

Folder 7: 2003-

Beck, Myrl E., Bernard A. Housen.  "Absolute Velocity of North America During the Mesozoic from Paleomagnetc Data." Tectonophysics 377 (2003): 33-54. 2 copies.

Beck, Myrl E. "Anonymous Reviews: Self-serving, Counterproductive, and Unacceptable."  EOS Transactions (American Geophysical Union) 84 (2003): 243.

Housen, B. A., M. E. Beck, R. F. Burmester, et al.  "Paleomagnetism of the Mount Stuart Batholith Revisited Again: What Has Been Learned Since 1972?" American Journal of Science 303 (2003): 263-299. 2 copies.

Beck, Myrl E. and Bernard A. Housen.  "Pre-drift Extension of the Atlantic Margins of North America and Europe Based on Paths of Permo-Triassic Apparent Polar Wander." Geophysical Journal International 152 (2003): 68-78.

Beck, Myrl E., Russell F. Burmester, Bernard A. Housen.  "The Red Bed Controversy Revisited: Shape Analysis of Colorado Plateau Units Suggests Long Magnetization Times." Tectonophysics 362 (2003): 335-344.

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