David C. Engebretson Collection

David C. Engebretson Collection

Western Collection: Engebretson, D. (Box)

Biographical Note

A scholar and teacher of geology, specializing in geophysics and tectonics, David C. Engebretson was educated at Olympic Community College, Bremerton, Wash., (AA, AS 1974), Western Washington University (BA (Mathematics) 1976), and Stanford University (MA (Geophysics) 1981; PhD (Geophysics) 1982). His doctoral dissertation was entitled Relative Motions Between Oceanic and Continental Plates in the Pacific Basic. Since 1984, he has been a member of  the faculty of the department of Geology at Western Washington University.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection consists of monographs, articles, chapters, and other contributions primarily in the fields of tectonics and geophysics. The first published item is dated 1978. The collection is ongoing. It includes a Vita, ca. 2000.

Notes on Arrangement

The collection is housed in an archival box. Items are ordered chronologically by date of publication, sub-arranged alphabetically by title or by publication name in cases of a common publication date. The arrangement of the collection is by Special Collections.


The collection is the gift of David C. Engebretson to Special Collections for The Western Collection.

Copyright Notice

Material in this collection may be under copyright.



Vita. David C. Engebretson. (2000?).

Kelsey, H., C. E. Mitchell, R. J. Weldon, D. Engebretson, R. Ricknor, J. Bockheim.  "Latitudinal Variation in Surface Uplift from Geodetic, Wave-Cut Platform and Topographic Data, Cascadia Margin." Unknown source; undated.

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Engebretson, Dave. "1996 IRIS Workshop San Juan Islands Field Trip." 1996. 

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