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block print of a man standing in flowers looking out a city full of pollution
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Wordless novels, a genre of visual storytelling that paved the way for today’s graphic novels, developed during the years of artistic, social, and political turmoil between the First and Second World War.

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Having accessible, self-paced, 24/7 support for research and writing can help both busy students and instructors. Western Libraries has a suite of online resources created with this need in mind.
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“Stories to Tell: A South Asian Perspective on COVID-19,” is a collection of ten oral histories documenting South Asian experiences during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nine faces of the people who shared their stories for this project, some faces are smiling while others are talking, overlaid on a light blue background..
Interested in learning more about the region in which we live? The Northwest Collection contains over 15,000 items with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest region.
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Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to study, or you are in search of a place to collaborate, the library has a variety of spaces to fit your needs.
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