Art Exhibits in the Library

Gallery (other) - see gallery description

The exhibit will display my most recent yellow room paintings, making it seem like one happy yellow apartment. There are many puppies, cozy and happy, sometimes sleepy, sometimes playing spin the bottle. They're good puppies though, not inappropriate. They're all trying so hard everyday because they're small and can't speak English very well but they're so full of love. I hope for it to be a momentary escapism from studying and the idea of debt.

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Display by: Alisa Scott
Gallery 1 (Skybridge) - see gallery description

My photography project consists of thirteen images that document the changing cityscape of Seattle. I have accompanied each image with a fact or statistic from various sources such as the Seattle Times, The Stranger and websites such as The combination of the images and information will help to paint a picture in the audiences mind of the housing crisis in Seattle that is only getting worse.

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Display by: Austin Smith
Gallery 2 (Wilson 3, Balcony) - see gallery description

Making countless mistakes over the years has improved my vision in capturing timeless moments. I gave it my all, trying to perfect picture quality of a city in my amazement of skyline/cityscape photography from city to city. As a boy from South Seattle (Skyway), where it is known for its bad reputation, I could never imagine how a camera can lead me.

I want to embrace that no matter where you’re from and who you are as an individual, you can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind and energy into it. With that, you can inspire so many people through your journey.

My name is Andrew La and here I present to you my East Coast Collection Summer 16 Edition.

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Display by: Andrew La
Gallery 3 (Wilson 3, East) - see gallery description

This photography based work will consist of one piece that is lager in scale, spanning about 5x5. I will be creating a house that is composed of different segments of homes found in Bellingham. This single large image will consist of about 10-20 images. The final piece will be framed and that frame will be in the shape of a basic home. The purpose of the work is to show the uniqueness and beauty of Bellingham and the homes that lie within the boundaries.

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Display by: Madison Jedlick