Art Exhibits in the Library

Gallery 2 (Wilson 3, Balcony) - see gallery description, Gallery (other) - see gallery description

This exhibit shows  framed and matted pairs of photographs of local landmarks. The first photo in each pair shows landmark in its current state: second photo shows what landmark will look like if we fail to take action against climate change. It recently was displayed at the Mindport Museum.

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Display by: Warren Sheay and Mindport Museum
Gallery 1 (Skybridge) - see gallery description

I spent a couple of weeks in the slums of Kolkata India during a bicycle ride around the world. I wandered the streets, taking photos of the people, places and practices that create the unique ebb and flow of life in that city. I wrote a book about my trip and propose including excerpts from the chapter on Kolkata to create a linear narrative to go with my 'street' photography.

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Display by: Darby Roach