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DATE PUBLISHED: Jul 26, 2022

Western Libraries is installing a new people counting system that will be operational beginning in June 2022. The new technology will replace existing gate count technology that is no longer supported and requires manual data collection by library staff. The new counters will improve the accuracy of foot traffic data and will be used by the library to make data informed decisions for improving programs and services. 

The people counter sensors will be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. White plastic sensors mounted on the ceiling above main library access points in Haggard and Wilson will detect the motion of people entering the sensor field of view. A count number will then be recorded. The devices are not security cameras and no video feed is recorded or stored, and the sensors do not collect or track personally identifiable or recognizable information.

If you have questions about this system or need additional information, please contact Western Libraries Facilities Manager Kate Farmer at or (360) 650-4994.

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