Reading Room Gets New Look

Posted on: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 7:21pm

Reading Room Experiment Spring 2012

Based on feedback from students and faculty in a recent Facilities survey,
we are experimenting with some new configurations in 4 Central Spring 2012.

Suggestions included flattening the tables in the Reading Room for easier use with laptops, & adding more soft seating and outlets throughout the building. Since several events are scheduled in the Reading Room this quarter which require a lot of furniture moving, we have decided to capitalize on this and use this time to experiment.

We moved in some tables and soft seating from the area outside the CLIC, as well as a couple of other upholstered pieces in the library, into the center of the Reading Room, and moved the tables and chairs housed there near the CLIC space. 

There is a  Comment Box by the door in 4C.
Please tell us what you think of the new arrangement.